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Hubby left this morning for some meetings and will be home tomorrow night.  He busily packed when he got up this morning….packing his C-pap machine, medicines, deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste, clean underwear and a change of clothing!

However, it’s still here by the front door waiting to be put in the car….

I’m sure this will be my fault because I asked him to put some mail in the mailbox before he left – he walked out to the mailbox and the next thing I knew, his car wasn’t in the driveway and the suitcase was still here!

Spent an hour trying to decide if I should “run” it to him – a 2-hour drive one way – or wait till he calls about it and offer to meet him half way – then I decided NO, he’s supposed to be a big boy and can go pick up the essentials himself – altho’ he won’t sleep for diddly tonight without his meds and c-pap.

He didn’t call to ask if he forgot it….I’m thinking it would be nice if he had a cell phone because I could have called him and had him stop and wait for me to bring it to him….but he claims he doesn’t need a cell phone!

In my mind this is “PRICELESS”…..

PS: Answer to the headline question is:  Put the suitcase in the car!!! DUH!

Visited while I was in Georgetown, TX.  Purchased this fiber fresh from the dye pot! I think it will be spun by 2010! LOL   It’s from Gulf Coast Sheep.

This is wool purchased from , also in Georgetown, TX.  This feels so soft and gosh darn it, I can’t remember the animal it’s from!  So it’s from a soft fibered animal.

While in Georgetown, TX visiting Bill and Sandra, who live in Sun City (they are A LOT older than hubby and I!) wild hogs were damaging the golf course. Because they live in the city limits, they can’t shoot these wild hogs who do their damage in the middle of the night.

They have to set traps, big traps, and catch them, call someone to come get them and these people dispose of them.

Actually, a couple houses from Bill and Sandra’s, friends had yard damage from the hogs.

While visiting friends in Georgetown, TX, poor Willie T. came down with a cold.  And like most men, it was the most horrible cold man had ever had…coughing, raspy voice, you get the picture.  A neighbor told him if he would rub Vicks Vaporub on his feet, it would cure his cough.  He coerced Sandra to “vicks his feet”.

And this a wonderful photo of his “vicksed” feet.  Lo and behold, he coughed much less the next day….and he had more “rubbed” on his feet before he went to bed!

You heard it here folks…..Vicks rubbed on the feet cures the cough!

While on my flight to Austin, TX this morning, I was killing time (shopping) checking out the SkyMall catalog.  Lo and behold!  I came upon this stupid contraption, obviously devised by a man.  It’s a little bracelet for a woman to wear that has an alarm to awaken the poor female in deep sleep to let her know she’s having a hot flash or her temperature is rising.

Call me silly but I don’t know one woman that needs an alarm to awaken her to let her know she’s becoming warm and needs to shed a blanket or two! 

As I stated earlier, this is obviously invented by a man!

This is the second hoodie I’ve made for Jack. This yarn was specially dyed by Ashley from Enchanted Yarn and Fiber….it’s so much prettier in person than on the “drying board”.

I’ve never blocked with blocking wires so made a frantic call to Diane for help.  She was coming over to pick up some Pampered Chef sprinkles.

Got the sweater blocked, talked a bit and then she left.

Called me about 7:30 and greeted me with “boy are we old!”  “What did I come to your house for?”  We both forgot all about the sprinkles.

I think we’ve reached the age where all we can handle is one thought/thing at a time – OMG, does this mean we’re turning into men? LOL

This is my first foray of spinning. Spun some blue pencil roving and then some purple pencil roving….now I’m plying them together. I’m so excited! Now I’m working on a name for it…probably end up with “grape” in the name.

Now to save for the wooleewinder, extra bobbins, and of course a knitty knoddy!







Remember back in September when I posted that I won the Floriani thread in the drawing?  Well, baby, you be lookin’ at the winnah and the thread!

Can you believe it?!!!  Where oh where am I going to put it all!!! Of course I have embroidery friends coming out of the woodwork….”I can take some off your hands!”  Yeah, right! LMAO

Thanks, many thanks to the Ann the Gran people and of course, Floriani!!!





My embroidery machine locked up in the middle of working on a design….had two “boards” replaced and OMG! – look at the thread that was wrapped around the handwheel!

$900 later (included an upgrade to the machine), it works wonderfully!

I’m thinking of having these things arranged in a shadow box to put on the wall in my sewing room….that’s about the only place not filled up at the moment! LOL

     WOW!  WOW! WOW!   Is this an addition or what?!


More room for more yarn…more room to sit and knit…more room to sit ‘n spin…more room to weave….and I’ve even heard there’s going to be a fireplace. Nothing more cozy in the winter than sitting by a fireplace and working on your projects.  I think I smell a soup carry-in when winter hits!!!

WHOO HOO and congrats to RoLynn and Ashley for all their hard work!!!

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