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Am frantically trying to get some things done in order to have a booth in the park on October 13th or at Nana’s Place.  So far this is what I’ve gotten done this morning…..hoping to have some variety; Halloween, Christmas, etc.

So, if things don’t sell, and your a friend of mine that I give gifts to, (LOL), get your choice in of what you want!

Pura Vida!

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Maricela’s cousin, Ivannia’s daughter is expecting a baby in the next 3 weeks. I was invited to the baby shower. I was absolutely flabbergasted when I arrived! The decorations were unbelievable, let alone the tables set for 150 people, family and friends.

I felt like it was a wedding!!! At one point during the shower we were all given small cups (like communion cups) for wine; I noticed everyone else sipping, so I sipped too….however, I then drank it all! I had no clue that the wine was for a “toast” to the mother and baby. So the hostesses brought me another cup, a larger one (LOL), so I was able to toast with everyone else.

Two clowns arrived and proceeded to entertain, the kids, anyway! Keep in mind all of this is in Spanish and I was able to pick out a few words….they needed to slow down to speak for the token Gringa! LOL

Baby showers in Costa Rica apparently are a huge, huge deal. Families come, yes, men included. I got tickled because the clowns were in charge of the games and were constantly seeking out men to participate in the games. It was fun and there were lots of laughs!!! Especially, when three men had to put on neon colored wigs, and then were diapered like babies by three women; then they added bibs, and bonnets….then the “babies” headed to a table with baby bottles with kool-aid in them to drink. It was hysterical!!

Another game that was played consisted of two men first blowing up balloons; sticking them under their shirts and then having to walk as a 9 month pregnant woman would walk. The guy that won was a new father of less than 6 weeks….

It last 5 hours – by then I had had enough; kids running around, lots of noise, mother-to-be opening up what seemed like a million gifts! Am sure they needed at least two vehicles to get the gifts home.

Friday, September 13th, four adventurous women boarded the bus to San Jose at 8 a.m.  We arrived at the bus station in San Jose approximately at 9 a.m. – or as it’s called “the Coca-Cola building”.

Shirley was on a quest to get new drapes for her house.  She knew exactly which “tela”  (fabric) shop she wanted to go to because they had ready made drapes.  However, she ended up ordering drapes to be made – and get this, it was probably  10-10:30ish when she ordered them and received a phone call around 1:30 p.m. that they were ready. Is this a great country or what?!

We went to The Grand Hotel, across from the National Theatre for coffee.  From there we went to the National Theatre hoping to get a tour; however, there was an event planned and they weren’t giving tours in the afternoon.

Liena, knew of a bead shop across the plaza from the National Theatre…all I can say is WOW!  I was so overwhelmed, I couldn’t think!  I will be going back there to purchase, soon! LOL

Headed to a “sewing” shop and across the street from there was a “Chinese” shop;  lots of pretty things at extremely reasonable prices….ie: jade jewelry, turquoise, etc. I even bought a pair of white turquoise ear rings!

From there we went to pick up Shirley’s drapes and then to the central market there for lunch.

Liena had ceviche for lunch.

Liena had ceviche for lunch.

Shirley ordered the fish casado for meal.

Shirley ordered the fish casado for meal.

The expression on Barb's face after taking a sip of the creme milkshake, says it all!

The expression on Barb’s face after taking a sip of the creme milkshake, says it all!

This was the creme milkshake!  Looks more like butter, doesn't it.  She said it was awful and didn't drink it! LOL

This was the creme milkshake! Looks more like butter, doesn’t it. She said it was awful and didn’t drink it! LOL

As we were leaving the central market, it started pouring rain….the skies opened up and it was a deluge! We weren’t far from the bus station so that was good.

Headed home, tired but it was a “good tired”.

Always enjoy the adventures of the over 60 gals!!!

Pura Vida!

About 5 years ago, I discovered (not that I founded it, LOL) the organization, where you can lend money to people in other countries to help keep their businesses going and growing, for farmers to buy livestock or plants, for artists to purchase supplies; for people to add on to their homes, or just about any other reason.

Because I love doing knitting, handcrafts, etc., I have chosen to help those in need to purchase supplies to keep their art going. I have loaned money to weavers, to spinners, craftsmen, seamstresses, etc. – all over the world!!!

I’ve “invested” a total of $251 (my outlay) and today I received notification, I had more money available to lend.

In total, I’ve loaned $1,525! From that initial $251! I just keep the repayments rolling over.

I would like to challenge anyone reading this, to please check out and see what it’s all about!
Yes, you can start out with just a $25 loan….you can read about the person, or groups, you are loaning to.

If only there was a way to purchase some of the things that the people are making!!!

Pura Vida from Costa Rica

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