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Dr. had a cancellation after the disasterous fiasco of last Monday when the monitor that went with the Bravo capsule wouldn’t work.

Ta-Da!  Today it did.  So now my body is technically challenged, instead of just my brain.

Throat is a little sore when I swallow but I sure can’t tell that capsule is attached to my esophagus.  Wonder if I’ll be able to tell when it sluffs off?

Turn the monitor back in to be read on Weds. Don’t see the Dr. for 4 weeks for the results – am going to try like crazy to lose some weight between now and then.  I do realize that my diet has to change!  How am I going to live without tomatoes?  I may just suck it up and know I’m going to be in agony – especially when garden tomatoes are in season.

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Isn’t this a gorgeous taco cheesecake?!  It was delicious….no one wanted to cut into it – but we did! Food, friends, bowling, it doesn’t get much better than this!


Isn’t this the most adorable cake?!  Four people in our Sunday night league were celebrating birthdays – one had a real big birthday, he was 40!  Ahhhh…..I remember those days!  The lady that made the cake put each of the 4 birthday people’s names on the bowling balls.  She is talented!


L to R: Charlie, Earl, Steve, “Big 40, Bob” and Gerald.  It’s a standard thing for Bob to wear shorts all season because he’s so hot!  I think he means temperature, but then again, he might not. LOL  Anyway, to celebrate, some of the guys showed up in shorts too!

Pat and I had convinced our husbands that we needed to go The Melting Pot  in Nashville for dinner last night.  I called and made reservations.

When we arrived, there were lots of people waiting to be called to their tables.  Finally, we were taken to our table – a table with only “one pot”.  I inquired how we were supposed to cook our own dinner when we were ordering different things with only one burner at the table.

The person seating us, must have felt the same way because instead of her coming back she sent the manager.  The manager then tried to explain to me that their reservation policy is one burner per 4 people.  Then he tried to explain to me that if there are 5 people or more, they get seated at a two burner table.

Isn’t this ironic?  A few weeks ago, 4 women (Pat, Velma, Emily and myself) had gone there for dinner and we had two burners at our table for 4 – even tho’ according to the manager, this is not their policy!

So we made the decision to leave!  Probably not many people walk out of The Melting Pot!

I informed the manager that they need to state when making reservations, that 4 people will need to order the same thing to eat because you’ll only have one burner to cook your own food.

So we got back in the car (after paying $19, yes $19) to park the friggin’ car!  Drove back to Bowling Green and ate at Lonestar.

My hubby did declare that we’ll go back, during the week, and yes, when making the reservations I will ask for a two burner table! And if that doesn’t work, I’ll tell them there are 5 people and when we get there, I’ll tell them the fifth person died enroute!  One way or another, 4 of us will be sitting at a two burner table!

Knitting coffee group again this morning at Panera’s; was a small group – maybe because of the bitter cold.  But there’s enough hot flashes going on around the table, that Panera’s could probably have turned down the heat!

Cat, poor, poor Cat, found out this week “she’s in menopause”.  But being the woman that she is, she’s embracing it and proud of the fact!  She stuck a candle in her donut (I mean, pastry!) and lit it and we sang Happy Birthday to her – and welcomed her to old age – even tho’ she’s in her late 40’s.  She was proud of her hormone pills (sample pack) and showed them to everyone; however, it was pointed out to her that she’s already screwed up on taking them because she “punched” out a pill on the wrong day.  Yep, we cackled over that one.

She did ask the Dr. why her hot flashes didn’t include her feet because they are always like chunks of ice!

Yes, our little group celebrates not only the big things in life but also the little ones.

Disclaimer: Previous post regarding a hoo-hoo is not Cat. 

Yesterday at bowling, a friend, who shall remain nameless, was telling the story of her husband becoming “frisky”.  She has a problem, yep, she shares everything with anyone, and said “hold it, I’ve got to run up to the bathroom and get my cream”. She is at the age, where she really needs to be wearing her glasses – not sure in this instance if she was being vain or in a hurry. Anyway, she grabbed the Capsaicin cream (made with hot chili peppers for arthritis and soothing warmth); said she became so hot, burning, uncomfortable and wanted to go to the ER, but her husband wouldn’t take her!

I made the comment, “bet that killed the mood” – and she nonchalantly said “Oh, no it didn’t!”

The things you hear on Weds. morning from the bowling league could be a sitcom!


L to R: Emily (or Fast Emily as we call her), Cat (the youngster) and the birthday gal, Jan! I’m thinking this is the first birthday celebration we’ve had at Rafferty’s. It was fun – we were in a corner and could be as loud as we wanted to be!


Front row L to R: Fast Emily, Youngster Cat, Birthday gal, Jan

Second row: Nancy, and Glamour Queen Velma


L to R: Velma, Cheryl and Joanne

Celebrated Jan’s “29th birthday again” at Rafferty’s. A good time was had by all –

Please note that in the bottom picture Velma is holding her chin because she claims all the previous pictures I’ve posted showed her triple chin! She had lapband surgery the first part of January and has already lost 19 lbs. Trust me Velma, your “chunky” friends are envious! We can already see a difference.

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I absolutely despise gray, gloomy, cold days!  When we first moved to KY 15 years ago, we were so excited because it seemed like there were very few gloomy days; not like in northern IL, northern IN and in MI where winter starts somewhere around mid-Sept. and it (in my mind) doesn’t get warm and sunny till the 4th of July.  The first few years we lived here I finally figured out that when we were “in the north”, I did indeed have the SAD disorder – however, these past couple of winters, gray and gloomy days seem to come in streaks. I don’t like them, never did. 

Anyone that knows me knows that I’m a shop til’ you drop kind of person….that doesn’t even interest me now!  I just want to lay in bed with a good book but the darn dogs keep having to go out! LOL

But tomorrow brings bowling in the morning and a birthday lunch after that!  At least there is something to look forward too!

If you haven’t seen or made the Breast Cancer scarf (it’s a kit) please go here to see it.   A friend, Cat, has it made up and every time I see her and she’s wearing it, I drool!  So I decided, to go for it – a portion of the kit money goes to Breast Cancer Research.  Having 2 friends recently diagnosed with it, may have something to do with my purchase.  I’ll get a picture of Cat’s the next time I see her and she’s wearing it.  Unless I get the kit and get it knitted up quickly first! LOL   The picture on the website doesn’t do it justice.  It’s just down right gorgeous – or as my grandmother used to say “It’s just gorge-Jesus”!

Kudo’s to Cat because my kit purchase is just one more sold for the cause!

when it’s freezin’ ass cold out! Like today!  It’s so bitter cold, the dogs don’t even want to go out!  And our 4 dogs love to be outdoors. So what was I to do to keep warm today – besides turning up the heat and wasting more money on that?

I worked on an afghan that was started in Oct.  I stopped working on it because we had some very hot fall days and having that lay in your lap just adds more heat.  I worked on it for awhile this afternoon and realized, it’s great having that to lay on my lap and legs, and be able to continue to knit on it – thus, keeping me warmer; however, my husband thinks that just drinking wine all day keeps you warm!

I do have to confess that with my toast, crunchy peanut butter and raspberry jam, a glass of Oliver wine was pretty tasty and body warming too!  It’s cheaper to buy wine than to pay for heat!

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