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Saw an ophthamologist this morning regarding a checkup on the nevus on my retina.  Very nice Doctor  and his name is Diego.

Said the pressure in my eyes was just perfect!  That’s about the only perfect thing on my body…..

When it came time to put the drops in my eyes, he started to say “Now, please remove your clo”  …..and then he caught himself!  I immediately started laughing and said “remove my clothes”.  Doctora Victoria, the optometrist, was in the room with us and burst out laughing!  We just kept looking at each other – I couldn’t look at Diego because I’m sure his face was red!

Anyway, outcome is they are setting up an appointment for me in San Jose in January to go have pictures taken of my nevus….rest assured, friends, I’ll be posting pictures of it!

Feliz Navidad!



Woke up this morning and Mark said  “let’s go to the Feria”.  He never wants to go and when I do go, it’s usually by myself.  So off we went.

Stopped at Kay’s on the way into town to drop off some books Mark read and I “donated” to the “cd library”,  “I can make you thin” – it didn’t work for me so I thought someone else might get use out of it! LOL  Kay, just howled with laughter when I told her about it.  Had a yummy breakfast there – there were quite a few people in there chowing down.

Then to the Feria… some delicious strawberries that I like to put in yogurt here; yogurt here is different and very good.  And of course, bought some cookies and a small cake at one of the bakery booths.  Saw a few friends that we knew.

Took the stuff back to the car and Mark says “let’s walk downtown”.  So off we went.  Ran into our realtor here, Olga.  She brought us up to date on happenings in our development.  Such as the movers and shakers are here to sign paperwork for the winery that is going in up the mountain behind us.  And things are moving slowly for the “chocolate farm”.  I see much Choco-Vine in our future!

Walked through the park downtown and Mark decided to stop in and see our attorney.  We had to go past Antano’s, my favorite restaurant in town!  Yaddi, my favorite waitress in the world, was there.  I inquired where I could get my eyes checked, because I’m having  vision problems.  She said just follow me; so across the street we went to LaOptica; we walked in and she said something in Spanish to the gal sitting behind the counter and then said “adios” to me!  So I said to the gal, who turned out to be Victoria, the optometrist,  “do you speak any English?”  She said she did and we were off and running – so I said I would like to make an appointment and her comment was, just come on we’ll do the exam now!  So we went to the examining room, after she locked the front gate to the office.  In minutes, she was done; and I was out in the front of the office looking at frames, etc.  Found a frame and she highly recommended me getting transition lenses because of my beautiful blue eyes being so light in color!

Had a couple frames picked out and finally settled on one.  So I inquired about the cost of everything; she said there is no charge for the vision exam; and the glasses came to a total of 121,000 colones ($241)!  That’s with transition lenses!!!  So my suggestion to people that might be coming down for a visit – get your eyes checked here and if you need glasses, you get them in 3 days!!!  There is an ophthamalogist that makes the rounds apparently to the various towns and when I pick up my glasses next Tuesday, she’ll know what the schedule of that Dr. is and I’ll get an appointment.  Gotta keep getting that damned chroidal nevus checked on my retina because if it starts to grow, there’s no if’s, and’s or but’s about it, it will be malignant!

Mark had met quickly with the attorney and when he came back to LaOptica, he couldn’t believe I had had a vision exam and was just paying for the glasses!  Pura Vida,  people!

Walking back to the car, we stopped in the park and sat down on a bench; he was telling me about what he found out at the attorney’s office.  All of a sudden there was a commotion behind us!  Two cops were breaking up a verbal feud between 2 old men who were ready to do battle, with sticks and everything!  Not sure if they were drunk or not but one cop did take one of them away.  That’s the first violence we’ve seen here!  And it was just basically vocal.

Then as we went back to the car we saw the Granizado man!  Apparently, he’s not out during the rainy season and now that summer is here, he’s back in business.  It’s the most delicious tasting drink that comes in many flavors!  If you are in Costa Rica and don’t try a Granizado, you are missing something!

Came home to some happy dogs!  Fixed a little lunch and now I think it’s time for a little nap!

Adios for now!

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