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L to R: Vera, Jean Marie, Mariam, 93 year old abuelita of Christina.


Disclaimer:  Not responsible if you wet your pants laughing!

The regular knitting group seemed to keep dwindling down.  I was a little bummed and thought maybe it was time to take a break from knitting.

2 weeks ago, I went to a baby shower for Cristina, who was my sewing teacher awhile back.  I was the only Gringa there.  But it was hilarious.  They speak Spanish so fast, just like we speak English fast.  I could get a word or two here and there but it was just a super fun time.

As usual, I was behind in knitting my gift. I was knitting a small baby blanket and didn’t have it quite done, so I put it unfinished in the gift bag with other things.

Tico time is so different.  The shower was from 1-4.  Of course I got lost getting there and thought I would be really late arriving at 1:30 p.m. Alas! I was the first one to arrive! LOL Others slowly arrived.  Altho, people were still arriving at 4:30 and 5:00 p.m.

While sitting there waiting for people to arrive, I decided to  get the baby blanket and keep knitting on it.  Mariam, Christina’s Tia (aunt), came over and watched and we tried to carry on a conversation regarding knitting.  She knitted too!  Then Doña Vera (taking quilting classes from Christina) sat down beside me  and joined in the conversation.  Doña Vera knows some English and it was a little easier to carry on a conversation with Mariam.  Christina came over to make sure she wasn’t needed for translating! LOL  Cristina said to me “Mariam wants to know if you could get together to knit sometime.”  Well, that’s all it took and we became best friends!

I suggested first I should take them to Penelope’s in Santa Ana, which is a nice yarn shop!  She high fived me on that!  Vera wanted to go and Cristina too. So we hit up the yarn shop and a fabric shop.  The owner of the fabric shop said no one had ever spent so much time in the store as we did!

Where to knit?  Decided we would knit at Cristina’s sewing shop and Vera could continue with her quilting.  It’s a mix of crafters!

Then Jean Marie wanted to know if she could come, so I said sure! (Gringa)

We are sitting around a table, knitting, laughing, etc., and all of a sudden the front door opened and in came Cristina’s 93 year old grandmother!  She sat down at the table with us and began hand sewing a hem  around what looked to me as a napkin.  I noticed that every once in awhile a smile came on her face.  Am sure she couldn’t keep up with what was being said because most of it was in Spanglish!  But she was happy to be with us! And we were happy she was with us.

Then Mariam went to Grandmother’s house and came back with 2 quilts that this woman had made.  She used fabric from clothes people were throwing away.  WOW!!!!  Jean Marie and I were really impressed.  Gives us a goal to reach 93 and still be active.

Can’t wait till the next knitting get together!  I left there so happy!!!

A friend is interested in learning to knit socks. I love to knit and was really excited that she wanted to learn too.

Too make sure I didn’t forget any necessities, I emailed a couple knitting friends that live in the states.

These are the two answers I received:

tape measure, small scissors, needle measure doodad, needles to sew ends in

Post its, measuring tape, flask, chocolate, big needle point protectors, page protectors,
high lighter tape

I’ve been looking on one of my favorite knitting websites, Knit Picks. I’ve made a list of items that I think she absolutely needs:

6 inch Harmony Wood Double Pointed Knitting Needle Set

Double Ended Crochet Hook set for picking up dropped stitches

Stitch Markers

View Sizer – this is a needle sizer, measures stitches and rows, and gauges

Heel Foot Cream by SOAK (This is the best stuff)

Sock Knitting Needle Holders – you lay your project down and get distracted and don’t get back
to it right away, and VOILA! – stitches are no longer on your needles…this stops that!

Knitting Needle Point Protectors

Knitting Stitch Holders – various sizes

Bent tip Tapestry Needles for weaving in yarn ends

Highlighter tape – this is great stuff because you can use it over and over, really good help
when following a pattern – helps keep your place

A small spiral notebook to keep notes in of the project you’re working on.

If any other knitters out in Yarn Land can think of a few more items, or accessories, don’t hesitate to drop me a line.

All of the above items can be found at – except for one – highlighter tape, which can be found at other websites or even on ebay.

A few other websites I lurk around are and – for you knitters outside of the U.S., these two websites ship Internationally. I love websites that ship Internationally!!!

Pura Vida from Costa Rica for now.

Three cheers for me!  A hearty thank you to Kat (new friend here) for telling me about this small, very tiny shop behind the market place.  It’s a “craft” store for all intensive purposes…..alas, no fabric, but a little yarn, crochet hooks (apparently CR is a “hooking” country)….wait till they see me with my knitting needles!

Even looked to me like they had serger thread and embroidery thread!

Therefore, I bought two crochet hooks to the tune of 395 colones each (500 = $1) and a skein of yarn just to fiddle with….

Dogs are “healing” according to Dr. Sharon, their new doc.  However, Oliver is in for the shock of his life!  As soon as he starts gnawing on his feet, he’s joining the cone heads!  Sedona is healing but still needs more cream on her and well as Sofi.  Weekly visits to the vet just like in the states! LOL

Still love it here and have to pinch myself daily to think this is now home!

Adios for now!







Traveled to Enchanted today for the spring yarn tasting.

If you’ve never been to one, get yourself ASAP to one!  Any yarn shop NOT doing this hasn’t a clue what their customers are missing!!!

We must have “tasted” 30+ yarns this morning (besides a yummy brunch) and came away full.

Most were DK weight and as soft as a baby’s butt!  There was hemp but I was assured I wouldn’t get much if I tried to sell it for smoking.

The new spring yarns are not only luscious to feel but the colors range from pale to vibrant.

The only way to sum it up:  sooooo much yarn,  sooooo many wonderful colors, sooooo much softness,  and soooooo little time to get everything you’d like to knit knitted!!!

Thank you to RoLynn and Ashley for another devine tasting!!!

     WOW!  WOW! WOW!   Is this an addition or what?!


More room for more yarn…more room to sit and knit…more room to sit ‘n spin…more room to weave….and I’ve even heard there’s going to be a fireplace. Nothing more cozy in the winter than sitting by a fireplace and working on your projects.  I think I smell a soup carry-in when winter hits!!!

WHOO HOO and congrats to RoLynn and Ashley for all their hard work!!!

WOW! Is this great news – only opened in May ’08 and already doubling the size of the shop!!!  Just think of all the goodies this will hold – I cannot wait to see the progress – but most of all, I cannot wait till it’s done!

Hurray! Enchanted Yarn and Fiber.

For those that haven’t been there yet – you can take yarn from any place you buy it and go in and knit with it!

Since I’ve hurt my knee, I’ve been stuck in “jail” since last Monday.  A wonderful friend, Diane, (we sort of wonder if in another life we might have been sisters!) was headed to Enchanted today and volunteered to take me after I sat Friday morning in Panera’s in tears because I hadn’t been able to get there for so long.

Honestly, I feel like a 15 yr. old kid who has to be driven every where – it’s like waiting for your drivers license.

We had a wonderful time there sitting and knitting – me with an ice bag on my knee.  I guess the older you get, the slower you bounce back.

Thanks RoLynn, Ashley and Diane for putting up with Chesterella today!  (I walk like Chester on Gunsmoke!)

Jeez, can’t believe I’m as old as I am!!!  Yikes – one leg completely over the fence…

I received the best birthday gift ever!!!  Well, actually 2 birthday gifts ever….husband shaved off his beard this morning! YIPPEE!!  And then….ta da….he gave me a gift certificate for my favorite yarn shop, Enchanted Yarn and Fiber worth $10,000!!!  Yes, $10,000!  RoLynn and Ashley, start packing up everything on the outer walls, on all the inner tables, all the Namaste things, I’m pretty well set on needles so I won’t take those….oh, and let’s see, how about 3-4 spinning wheels.  I’ll leave one there to work on, and bring the others home and have one in each area of the house I tend to “sit”!

Meeting hubby for lunch at Mandolin; then getting a massage at 4 p.m. – yep, Happy Birthday to me!

held a pre-opening by invitation only preview of their shop this morning!  HOW FUN!!!  I managed to take a few pictures and will hopefully post them below with snippets of what is going on and who is in the picture.

RoLynn (R, the Mom) and Ashley (L, the daughter) – proud owners of the new Enchanted Yarn and Fiber shop; grand opening on Tuesday!!! May 13

(They are holding a picture of The Loopy Ewe card that they want pictures of where “The Loopy Ewe” shows up; what better place than a pre-grand opening!




What do all knitters love besides yarn and fiber; yep, food!  L to R: just a portion of Velma decked out in turqoise jewelry, that was to die for!  Continuing around the table, June, in the middle of the table, food, on the R side of the table Pat and Diane.






Diane (above) knitted and felted this bag and it was the “DIE FOR” bag of the day!







This is “Karen’s” aka Renee’s husband – not sure what his name is. However, since I keep calling her Karen and that’s not her name, I won’t make myself sound dumber and give him a wrong name.  This is an area where you can sit and knit “called the Gathering Room”.  Note:  the plant in the right hand corner of the picture was taken to the new shop owners from the Friday A.M. Knitting Group as a “We’re so glad you’re open gift”.



Heard through the grapevine today that a new yarn shop will most likely be opening in April! YIPPEE!

VOTE HERE! Bunco Women Gone Wild