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From selling the house, moving out, moving to the US, living in a Wal-Mart “home furnished” Airbnb, having a pretend 70th birthday, and 4 days later having a real 70th party with Todd and Amy; bought a car, bought a house, bought furniture,  need to remember the FED-EX and UPS man at Christmas; and the mail lady.

Still missing my friends in Costa Rica!  More than they’ll ever know!

Am working on my  attitude in liking it here. One thing is being able to order and get free shipping!  Grocery stores are still overwhelming me, but I love Publix deli!

Neighborhood is very quiet, which is really nice.  We really got used to the quietness on our CR road.

Waiting on guys to come give us an estimate on either removing branches over the house or having to take down the whole tree, and then to put in the pool!

Container should arrive within 2 weeks. And then the work begins. Finding places for  everything. Altho’ we are really blessed with lots of closet space!!!

Pool guy claims the pool will be in within 5 days.  He’s from Puerto Rico, maybe like being Costa Rican.  Telling you what you want to here.

Desperately needed a haircut.  Within the development there are a few small shops so I stopped in to make an appointment – $40 for a trim and $8 for the blow dry. Ended up at Wal-Mart for $18.Will look for a beauty college.

So far, have found the food to be  a little cheaper.  Which is nice.  And the beef, is soooooooo much better.

Mark loves going thru the drive thru even if all he gets is something to drink.

Dogs are very protective of anyone that walks by the house or comes to the door.

Whenever we get totally settled, we’ll be ready for company!  We can sleep 7 people! LOL

Pura Vida for now.

Today was a day of hilarity for  us and those that were at Pizza Finca!

Victoria is about 20 days from having her baby and Karen decided we should have lunch together before the big day.  (It’s the 7/31 Club because we were all born on that day.)  What could we do to make it funny? Decided we should go as pregnant women too! Enjoy the pictures and please note the real pregnant person, is the smallest! You just can’t take the fun out of the “older ladies”. Poor Victoria!!!!  She assured us that Ema was going to call everyone when the baby arrives!

Here’s the conversation according to Karen…

Lunch conversation goes something like this….

Table for 3? No table for 6 (please).
Ah, waiting for 3 more ladies? No, why do you ask?
Well, there are 3 of you yes? No, there are 6 of us.
ME: Better make it a table for 7. I’m having twins!
VIC: Hurry I think I’m going to Earl!
NANCY: Earl who? I think I’m having a basketball!
ME: For lunch? And who is this Earl, Victoria?
VIC: I’m gonna be sick, like Earl right now!
NANCY: Suddenly I’m not so hungry, let’s go to the bar!
ME: Works for me, how ’bout you Victoria, you in?
VIC: I’m gonna go take a nap before I go back to work.
NANCY: There’s always one party-pooper in the crowd!
ME: Okay, I’ve got errands to run before I deliver these guys. See ya, same place, same time, next week for lunch gals?
Should we invite our husbands maybe……
THEM: Nah, then we’d need a bigger table…..

…when things get hot, I cool them off! Shooting my gun and blowing off the smoke from the caps!


That’s how Gunsmoke started out!

When I was a kid, I loved all the cowboy programs,Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, Sky King, etc. I really wanted to be Annie Oakley when I grew up!

Since I very seldom sleep thru the night now , when I’m awake, I turn on WGN out of Chicago on my iPhone. Certain nights of the week they play old radio programs. One night this week was a Gunsmoke program. No, I did not go back to sleep, but I listened intently! I had the neatest gun and holster set, my bike was my horse, with a squirrel tail on the back fender. We had more fun playing cops and robbers or cops and Indians. I really think unless you live in a small town, you don’t get to play like we did!

Brought back fun times in good old Camden, Michigan. A small town where everyone knew everyone.

I was probably the boy, my Dad never had! A real tomboy.
He coached high school basketball and was the chemistry teacher. He took me to practices frequently! The gym was like the one in “Hoosiers”. I used to sit behind the team, and one time Dad benched a player for smoking. When the game started everyone started yelling “Boo Reynolds,” well, being the loud mouth that I was, I joined in too. No clue what that meant. He said when he turned around and saw me yelling with the crowd, that hurt worse than the crowd yelling.

He also coached Little League….I used to tag along to practices, hoping someone wouldn’t show up so I could fill in for that player. Great summers.

When you were around 12 years of age, you were “allowed” (allowed as in parental OK) to go to the cemetery and play Ghost in the Graveyard! So much fun!

At Halloween, we were able to go Trick or Treating by ourselves all over town. And from year to year, you would remember which houses gave out the best candy. One Halloween there were three adults that were dressed in long underwear, stuffing everywhere, and really creepy masks. No one could figure out who these people were. They were actually on the front page of the Hillsdale Daily News! Imagine my horror to find out one of the women was my mother!

We loved May Day. Am sure that’s not celebrated this way anymore. Making baskets and filling them with spring flowers and candy….hanging the baskets on door knobs of houses, ringing the doorbell, and running like crazy to hide. We never knew where the baskets came from.

Eggs were cheap! We used to buy them and mix them up with sand to make cakes! I can’t remember how many times we tried to dig to China in the sandbox. Never succeeded!

With the way the world is today, I feel badly for kids today because they sure don’t get to have experiences like this.


Yesterday, a friend, Jean Marie and I decided to go shopping and take a break from knitting.  I have finally found someone down here that loves Christmas and all the decor like I do.  So we decided this would be a “check out Christmas stuff shopping trip.”

Universal, which is a large department store in Alajuela, moved into the new City Mall, the largest mall in Costa Rica.  We decided to check out the old Universal because everything Navidad was discounted!  We had a ball.  Most things were 50% off and some were 30% off.  She shops like I do, check everything out and then make a decision!  By the time we were finished shopping there, it was noonish.

So we headed to  City Mall, with plans to hit every store with lots of Christmas decor.  Checked out the Universal store there, prices at the old store were much better.

Then we headed to Aliss; beautiful things there and we oohed and aahed!  By then we decided it was time to eat.  So we headed to Subway.  Finished eating and then we headed to Oxygen, we love their clothes and prices.  Tried on a few dresses but nothing hit me just right!  Then we headed to Cemaco, a department type store that doesn’t carry clothing.

O.M.G.  They have 4 different villages set up under glass in the front of the store!  I loved everyone of them.  One was like an amusement park with rides that we both used to ride at county fairs.  One was a village and I fell in love with the Pet Store and Shoe Cobbler store that was actually shaped like a shoe. The whole set up was beautiful!  Then there was a snow scene, and another scene with Santa flying around with the reindeer; ice skaters skating; let’s just say, we were both in “Christmas Heaven”.

Left there and decided to sit down and get our purchases arranged to head to the car.

I think my heart skipped a beat!  My phone was missing.  So Jean Marie stayed there trying to call it, and I tried to retrace my steps.  Maybe it fell out of my pocket in the rest room.  As I was headed down that hall I saw a female security person.  So in my best Spanglish, I tried to explain what happened.  She patted me on the back and said she would call her Jefe (boss).  So we stood there waiting for the Jefe of Security to show up.  They arrived shortly.  Kept asking me to describe it.  Kept saying is was “pink, cover was like a book with a giraffe on the front and a giraffe on the back.  Every time I said giraffe in Spanish, they smirked….I’m guessing they figured an old lady shouldn’t have a phone with a giraffe cover!  Then a guy came by and said do you need help?  So I said yes, that if I went home having lost my phone, I would probably be beheaded!  So he asked me the same questions that the security officers asked me.  The whole time the female security person was patting me on the back.

All of a sudden, one of the security guards pulled my phone out of his shirt pocket.  I got really excited and gave him a big hug (am sure he thought another loca gringa); so then he wanted some ID.  So I said we had to go where my amiga was sitting.  I pulled out my Cedula (national ID card) and he turned on my phone, laid it on the settee and took a picture.  Then gave it to me with a big grin.  I again hugged him and the female security person.  Keep in mine we’ve walked a five story mall and this was probably a 2 hour deal!

Took Jean Marie home; and since the story had a happy ending, I did end up telling Mark.  Who just stood there shaking his head! I found out he had turned on “Find My iPhone” since I had my iPad with me, I could have located it via the GPS.

Then off to Don YaYo’s for Huesos (Bones) Night with Mike and Karen Elder.  They kept us up way past bedtime! Huesos are the pork bones with hunks of meat still attached. Mike and Mark enjoy them from time to time. I had chifrio and Karen had fish and chips!

Early this morning, I’m guess it was early, Jean Marie called and woke me up and said I left my knitting in your car.  I said “no, you stuck it in one of your bags”.  She said OK, I’ll check.  Then I pleasantly went back to sleep and didn’t wake up till 11 a.m.

But I keep thinking about all the gorgeous Christmas things we saw, and the phone story ended up OK, so it was a great day!

Derby has been on special dietary dog food for months! He needed to go for a weight check this morning. Dylana and Nazareth rode into town with me. Normally, if the girls are with me, the dogs are all over them; but not today. Derby decided to ride on my lap. However, he was on the controllers to open and close the windows…..between him stepping on the controllers and me trying to get him off, his nose got caught in the window. Poor baby, even whimpered. While this is going on, I cannot see a thing but knew I should be braking……when I finally got him off my lap, we were pretty close to kissing a tree! Derby rode in the backseat with the girls the rest of the way….of course, they fussed over him.

Good news, he’s lost 3.5 lbs.; has a few more to go tho’.

Better news, he rode in the backseat all the way home. Let’s hope he’s learned a lesson to not sit on the driver and try and control the windows!

What an exciting morning…..I think I should take it easy the rest of the day.

Pura Vida!

Amy was always advanced for her age. I swear when she learned to talk, it was in sentences….not just words.

We moved from Bay City, MI to Booneville,MO when I was 8 months pregnant with daughter #2; yes, let me tell you it was a long ride in a U-Haul!

The house that we bought was in a neighborhood of people our age; equaling many, many children!  In fact within, 6-7 houses, we all had children Amy’s age (4 at the time) and either expecting or just having had another baby.

The people across the street from us had 8 children.  One was Amy’s age and she and Jennifer became great friends.

Jennifer preferred to play at our house because she didn’t have those older pesky brothers teasing her!

One afternoon, it dawned on me that I hadn’t seen or heard Amy and Jennifer in a LONG time.  They weren’t in the back yard playing on the swing set or the sandbox; not in the downstairs family room; so I finally looked in her bedroom.  The door was closed. But I could hear them chattering away.

I opened the door and nearly died!!!!  When Jennifer arrived at our house she had shoulder length hair; now she had one lock of shoulder length hair; the rest of her hair was cut right down to her scalp! I was mortified. There was absolutely no salvaging any “do” out of this mess.

Jennifer’s mother was an x-ray tech at the local hospital. I called her and explained what happened; she was laughing hysterically (guess that’s what you do with 8 kids!).  Said don’t worry about it, I’ve wanted to get her hair cut off anyway.  Well, I don’t think this was the haircut Joanne expected!

That evening while eating dinner, I asked Amy…..why didn’t Jennifer cut your hair?  Her reply was “her mother doesn’t let her play with scissors! She didn’t know how to use them.”

After dinner most people in our neighborhood were out walking or talking to each other, etc.  Joanne came over and said the boys teased Jennifer mercifly regarding her hair.  Jennifer told them to be quiet because she knew she looked beautiful!

And yes, Jennifer’s hair was cut with those rounded scissors like you use in school!!!


Pura Vida!


Today the knitters met, as we usually do on Tuesdays.  We met for lunch at Trapieche in Morazon (and the restaurant is probably spelled wrong). But this is Costa Rica so that is OK.  Jean Marie, Harriet, Denise, Bunky and I were there.  Food was really good….had a pollo casado and I can’t remember what everyone else had!

I put my knitting bag on the ground because the table wasn’t large enough for everyone to do that.  While eating, Jean Marie suggested we go back to her house to knit, which was really close to the restaurant.

As we sat down around the table, everyone started taking out their knitting.  I could have cried!!!!  Apparently, the guy serving out food, stepped on my knitting bag and broke two double point needles that I was using to knit socks.

I can’t remember ever breaking a needle!  Well, I guess that record still holds because technically, I didn’t break the needles!

Two of my 6 inch Caspian needles from Knit Picks broken.  photo (3)

Big sigh…..looking for 2 needles now that are the same size so I can finish this sock.  It seems like it’s taking me forever to get this second sock done!  I guess next socks I work on, I’ll do two at a time, toe up.

At any rate, it was good to get together and knit….well, they knitted, I watched them!

We’ve decided to participate in the International Knit in Public Day on June 13th in front of the National Theatre , in San Jose from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.  For sure, Denise and I will be doing this….Jean Marie can’t participate because she’ll be out of the country.  Any other knitters that want to join us, please let us  know!!!!

I remember doing this at Greenwood Mall in Bowling Green, KY when I lived there.  Some people brought spinning wheels besides those of us that knitted.  It was really interesting to find the older people that would stop and look and start up a conversation…..”I remember my grandmother doing that”……”I remember my mother doing that”……   Of course, this year’s conversations will be in Spanish….this should be a hoot!




Last night I had a weird nightmare.  One of those kind that you know you are yelling out in your sleep, but can’t wake up!  Mark shook me awake…..

It was the middle of the night, a dark and stormy night…..I had to go to the bathroom, of course!  Quietly got out of bed and walked to the bathroom in the dark, then flipped on the light!  Good Grief!  There was a naked man sitting on the edge of the tub reading a  newspaper!

Now, the interesting thing is, our house doesn’t have a tub, only showers.  And we don’t get a newspaper….I’ve decided I shouldn’t watch Game of Thrones or Justified before going to bed.

Pura Vida!

Here it is April 12 already!  Can’t believe how fast the month is flying by….yay!, since it’s one of the hot months!  Rainy season is creeping up on us….some days it rains now, some days it doesn’t!

Yesterday was Juan Santa Maria Day – we kind of think of it as the US’s version of Columbus Day; some places closed, some places open.

We brought Nazareth, Dylana and their father, Luiz, home from town on Wednesday.  Nazareth couldn’t wait to show me some school work that she got a 100% – Excellent on!!! She was so proud of that.

Knowing they wouldn’t have school, I invited the girls to come swim; however, I didn’t specify a time (live and learn); they were here at 8:30 a.m. to swim; we were still in bed!!!  Altho’ Hernan came to collect for the water bill at 7:30 a.m. because Mark forgot to pay it on April 5 at 3 p.m.! LOL

Maricela was with them so I offered to make coffee; cut up some homemade banana bread also; coffee pot is done and yep! Did it again….we had the best hot water going.  I forgot to put the coffee in; we both got a laugh out of that!!! So I made another pot of coffee and then we sat on the rancho watching the girls in the pool.

Nazareth likes to pretend she’s doing water ballet, which is something new for her.  But then again, there’s always something new for her going on.

Dylana is busy with school work and playing futbol (soccer).

Just another day in Pura Vida land!

Check it out.

I was buzzing around the innerwebs looking for a Spanish tutor or another online course and ran across this site offering tutors in NYC.

I’m impressed.

99% of their customers are satisfied. I bet they are all young ‘uns.

But with a money back guarantee on unused tutoring hours what the hey. Maybe I can entice them to take a trip to Costa Rica and stay with me for a few weeks. If they are hanging around the house, they would be harder to ignore than the books we have laying around.

The even offer Alphabetic Test Prep… you know the LSMFT stuff. (Are you old enough to remember that? – Lucky Strike Means Fine Tobacco.)

If our kids were interested in advanced placement classes, I sure would encourage them to go online for their studies. Mark watched a TED talk about the Kahn Academy and we are pretty convinced that education today has it backwards. Students need to study and home and do their homework in school where the teacher can help them, rather than the other way around.

At any rate, I’m still committed to learning Espanol. Maybe I need to have Mark teach me how to use the international keyboard so I can at least WRITE it properly.

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