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Our container finally was delivered on Sept. 22 – it was packed on July 26!  Apparently a little storm, Irma, created a problem. Altho, it was in port 4 days before the hurricane hit only an hour and a half away!

So now we’ve got  boxes everywhere!!!!  Am at the point where if I get 3-4 boxes opened and put away, that’s good for a day’s work.  Because we went so long without the container, we’ve got doubles of many things.

I do feel that groceries are cheaper here.  The BOGO free is a big help!  Today’s grocery bill was less than $100 with $45.00 in savings.  Meat is higher than I remember it, tho’.  But oh my gosh, the celery is so cheap and so good!!! I have adapted to the grocery stores here.  At least I know what I’m buying.

Have had lots of time to think…..not good, I know!  I think I’ll open a Go Fund Me page to run for President!  My platform, will be “Common Sense”.  It seems to be lacking in D.C., especially, the government!  If you have questions, contact me with all the particulars and I’ll tell you what should be done.

Pool is on hold because of some problem with the  property in back – has to be within 18 ft. from our property line.  Now it looks like  we’ll have to take down part of the lanai to make it within that 18 ft. area. And we have to have a tree removed because it’s hanging on the roof of the lanai.  So the pool hasn’t been started.  DAMN!  Irma has made a lot of problems for everyone!

Still miss my friends from Costa Rica.  And CR in general.

Adapting, but not happy!


Back in the old country when I was but a wee lass……May Day, May 1st, was a great holiday.  We spent the week before May 1st making May Day baskets.  Then we would fill them with candy, spring flowers, etc. – on May 1st, you would deliver your May Day baskets, hang them on the front door or your friend’s homes, ring the door bell, and run like hell so they wouldn’t see who was delivering May Day baskets to you!  Sort of signified the coming of spring in Michigan (for us, anyway).

I kept up the tradition with our girls for awhile too….of course, by then, people had no clue what was going on…hmmm, perhaps that’s the beginning of dumbing down America! LOL

Here in Costa Rica it’s  “labor day” and most things are closed.

With President Obama coming here on Friday, traffic will be a worse mess than normal; except for the closed roads.  We live on the side of a mountain where planes coming in to land at Juan Santa Maria airport, make their wide turn in their approach.  We are hoping to see Air Force One make that approach!

I had wanted to go and see the “parade” but decided to heed the warnings of traffic delays, etc. , so we’ll just stay home and watch it on TV.

Welcome to Costa Rica on Friday, President Obama…..too bad you can’t come to Atenas and meet lots of ex-pats!

Pura Vida!


A few year’s ago, the new road from Atenas to the Autopista was closed by landslides.  It is now being worked on to clear the debris….I think President Laura Chinchilla purchasing property in Atenas has a lot to do with that…..nah, politics has nothing to do with it, right?

And another rumor is that her relatives live not far from us and our road will eventually get paved! Woo Hoo!!!  And a casino is going to be built!  And a winery, and a chocolate farm….are we progressing or what?  And a golf course!  I hope I’m still upright when that course is built and able to play golf! LOL

Of course, when this all happens is a big mystery!

I honestly do not know where the time goes!  It seems I’m busy, every day, all day, and not getting anything done…but, you what, there’s always tomorrow!  My motto used to be “it’s better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it”.  I’m going to add another one, “there’s always tomorrow”.  I can use those motto’s; however, Mark cannot; if I ask him to do something, he cannot invoke my motto, “there’s always tomorrow”.  Needed to clarify that ASAP!

Went to a Chicken Fried Steak lunch at Tom and Kay’s – it was very yummy!  Then that evening, we went to visit Tom and Lee to see their new abode.  Holy Freakin’ Ge-Hosa-Fat – it was unbelievable!  No matter which side of the house you were looking from…..gorgeous view from the back; gorgeous view from the front!  And big!  They are so lucky to have found it.  Living in Costa Rica is “all about the view”.

Sofi is still not cleared up; we’re trying some vitamins that promote healthy skin in hopes that will help.  She’s such a drama queen!  We’re back to bandaging her foot to keep her from gnawing on her toes! Sheesh…..and that causes more drama! LOL

Had an email last night from Frank and Delores that were going to Wal-Mart this morning and did anyone want to go…you don’t say shopping to me and have me turn it down!  However, they took me to a Semaco (I think that’s how it’s spelled).  It’s a real upscale Bed, Bath and Beyond type store.  I told them that Mark will never let me go with them again!  I can’t wait to get back there and really shop!!!  She said it was really pretty at Christmas….rest assured, I will be visiting that store again and especially at Christmas.

Of all things, I needed, yes, needed! was a dish drainer that I could actually fit into my sink; my sinks are like all Tico things, small and it was difficult to find one that fit. HOO-RAY, they had it.  This is not the Semaco that’s in the Multi-Plaza, but a stand alone store…not far from the airport.

Have friends coming on Tuesday, late afternoon; will be nice to have company now that the construction is done.

So long for now… in Costa Rica is certainly Pura Vida!




Yes, I am one of the fortunate ones that has insurance!  However, I’m not sure that being on a government program wouldn’t be better for my wallet!

Our deductible begins in Jan.; however the policy plan goes from Sept – Aug.

What this boils down to is our deductible is only good from Jan – Aug, a whole whopping 8 mos!  And since the policy “changes”, they increase the deductible.  So for the remaining 4 mos., we pay MORE deductible and for this privilege, we also pay more in premiums, which enables them to post record profits! 

Just 2 more years and I’m Medicare eligible….oh, wait, I bet that will change too.  Bring on the Government Health Care Plan…and don’t be slow about it!

For those that are against this health plan, rest assured, that while the Republicans and Democrats are feuding over every little thing, your health care premiums and mine will continue to climb at a rapid rate….you don’t think the insurance companies could be fueling this feud, do you?

And then we’ll have to listen to the poor insurance industry boo hoo how they aren’t “making” any money.  Don’t buy it, people, they are making lots of money, and with some companies, they are making record profits!

Yep, I live in KY where  our state government has run off all but a couple of insurance companies!!!

This is a sign posted in Fountain Square Park downtown.  It makes me so proud that you can smoke during special events only in the park!  I wonder who determines the special event.

If I worked downtown and comleted a project in the office, I might wander into Fountain Square Park to reward myself with a little break…to me that would be a “special event”.

Gotta love a city that wastes taxpayer money on a sign so stupid!

I’ve kept my “fingers” quiet so far, but I’m going to explode if I don’t get this off my chest.

#1 – People seem to think that health insurance costs will go up….where have you been?  Our’s have gone up or we’ve gotten less benefits for years.  It’s a given with or without health care reform, insurance will go up.  How else will the insurance companies be able to make so much money?

#2 – Does anyone honestly think that our taxes aren’t going to go up?  If so, please let me know what you’re drinking, smoking or sniffing so I can get in on these too.

#3 – The top 3 countries in the world….drum roll…..have government health care!  Ta-da!

#4 – Any one who has a loved one, family member, or friend that has suffered a catastrophic illness/injury, will definitely want the pre-existing conditions dropped.  In the whole scheme of things, I would imagine, that percentage is not real high.  I recently read about a newborn baby that was born with problems and needed 2 surgeries to live….guess what, the insurance company is fighting covering those surgeries because “it was a pre-existing” condition.  If you were that child and had to make a decision, would you say, “Oh, let that baby die?”

#5 – Yep, Medicare will go up just like everything else is going up.  As far as it being a hardship on retirees, perhaps they should have SAVED or INVESTED more wisely.

Everything is going up….it’s a fact. 

Anyone that thinks health care is going up only because of health care reform, needs to think outside the box. With or without it, it’s going up!

After spending most of the week-end on the computer, watching TV, wandering around the house bemoaning the fact it’s too cold to get all the Christmas decorations put away, I’ve come to many conclusions.

1.  The girl with the red lipstick in the Progressive Insurance commercials annoys me to no end!!!

2.  Who cares that Jerry Seinfeld thinks NBC has done something wonderful by moving Jay Leno back to late night. I hope that David Lettermen is having so much fun over this….can’t wait to see what he has to say tonight about it!

3. Yep, it’s freezin’ ass cold every where.  However, this has proved that going to FL to escape winter cold, is just not far enough south!  Save your pennies folks, and go further where you’re guaranteed warm weather.

4.  We all need to be applying for assistance in heating our houses….the only thing in our house that got a work out this week-end was the furnace!

5.  Read a soup cookbook from cover to cover….lots of recipes I would like to try!

6.  Cesar Milan does wonderful things with dogs…yep, we’re trying some of those things with our dogs…will let you know if it works.  It’s more like training the owners, not the dogs! LOL

7.  Dieting boils down to portion control, duh!

8.  Cleaning the oven does help warm the house when it’s frigid outside….but it doesn’t last long (the heat, I mean).

9.  Enjoyed watching the birds at the feeders this week-end….I swear we have a blue jays as big as chickens…wonder if they taste like chicken?

10. Sofi and Oliver (dogs) love wearing their coats outside….they sit perfectly still while they are being put on them.

Let’s hope this week brings “more normal” temps back to everyone!

I think if I see one more picture of the underwear bomber’s underwear, I will barf! 

It’s obvious that Amsterdam has very lax airport security.  It’s not brain surgery…..just don’t allow planes from Amsterdam into the United State or any other lax country.  Make them have to come  or better yet, attempt to come, into the US by going through countries that have more structured security.

I’m sure that all US airports are now attempting to be tougher going through security.  Hello,……he did not fly within our country.  TSA security is so different from airport to airport.  The US cannot control overseas airports….but we can control planes flying into the US from foreign countries…..and not all countries will be able to fly into the US. 

The terrorists have inconvenienced US citizens enough!  You can never control terrorists because they have no value on their lives….you can’t deal with people that have that mentality. But, it seems so logical to me that by controlling planes flying to the US, with lax security, it will put a hardship on that particular country and maybe they’ll jump on the band wagon and realize it’s not just a US problem; in other words, cooperate and be responsible!

By the way, since the CIA had this info and deemed it not necessary to act on it, I would certainly hope that Pres. Obama fires some people.  Like everyone that had knowledge of this and did nothing….hey, maybe we should deport them.  They obviously have no regard for the safety of the US or it’s citizens.  Isn’t their job to act on info they receive….just what does the CIA do to receive a paycheck?

Just another rant….common sense people, it just takes some common sense sometimes to start the wagon rolling.

I have the perfect solution, and I defy any politician to argue against it!  Let every American citizen that pays taxes be entitled to the same health care that they are receiving!

How can they argue against it?  Better yet, why would they argue against it!

Simple solution to a problem that they want to argue about forever!!

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