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Started out in Ft. Myers, FL because Todd, (SIL) had shoulder surgery at the VA hospital. I was impressed! Fairly new hospital. I was the runner to get stuff (ie: paperwork, medications, the sling for his arm). So I spent a lot of time in the lobby listening to the Vets talk about their experiences, etc.

One funny story. As I was sitting there waiting to get the sling to take up to Todd in the recovery room, a woman named Mary came out to give a man his c-pap mask. He kept saying over and over, thank you Jesus, I can sleep tonight. Then he said “I guess I should be thanking you Mary, for giving me the mask.” Her reply was “You know he’s not my son, right?” It appeared to be a “nice, fun, happy place to work.”

After 7 days there, I was off to Bowling Green. Gayla’s daughter, Megan, was planning a surprise birthday for her on Saturday. So, Pat, Velma and I headed to Nashville that morning to do a “little” shopping before hand. We arrived at Megan’s house and Gayla’s friend Patty, from Memphis, was shocked when I walked in! She said Gayla is going to be so surprised to see you! I never did count but I think there were 15-20 people there. It was a nice party and Megan and Rusy, Gayla’s son, did a great job!


Stayed with Julie and Norman this time. They sure have a beautiful house!!! And I thank them immensely for their hospitality. Was able to spend some time with Joanne, who is another “bestie”. Pat, Velma and I had a ball. Went to see the movie Jason Bourne….throughout the movie I kept thinking this is right up Mark’s alley. All the car chases, motorcycle chases, crashes, etc. So I imagine when it comes here, I’ll be seeing it again!

I flew Delta, and love they have screens on the back of the seats. Watched three movies in my travels….of course the only name I can imagine is My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2. Cute!

Most of the shopping was already done and sent to Velma’s. So it was like Christmas!!! Even brought a new sewing small sewing machine home. Plus various other things that are too darn difficult to find in CR.

Was really surprised at the prices in the grocery stores. Cheap! Compared to here. Eggs, 49 cents a dozen; milk 99 cents a gallon.

My trip to the states was eventful because of storms and we had to fly over and over Ft. Myers before we could land. Then the pilot informs us we can go around one more time but then we need to make a decision on what airport to land at because we were running out of fuel! It would have been much less nerve-wracking if he had said “we may have to land at another airport because of weather”! Trust me, no one wants to hear “we may run out of fuel!”

Then the flight to Nashville, we circled Nashville for a little over an hour because of storms before we were able to land.

The weather was so darned hot! Miserable…..I don’t know how people that work outside can stand it. The humdity was absolultely draining!

I was happy to return home and see Mark and the dogs! Julie has 4 dogs and boy did I get sniffed over by our three dogs.

It was a great time, but I am exhausted! Perhaps age has a little to do with that!

We went to the movies this afternoon to see Concussion. I am not a football fan, however, I did want to see this movie; especially since I heard on The Dan Patrick Show that the NFL is trying to keep it from being shown in the US.

WOW!!! What a great movie….and yes, Will Smith deserved a nomination for an Oscar! What makes this so horrible for families and football players that are going thru this, is there is no test that can be done while the player is still alive. They have to die and then have their brains autopsied.

Will Smith plays the coroner that discovers this. He “talks” to the bodies and tries to find out about their lives. He’s excellent with the dialect from Nigeria.

It’s pretty obvious that NFL officials lied on the stand when this first went to court… apparently it is OK to lie after you’ve sworn to tell the truth.

It’s just a good movie!!!! Well, it’s actually a documentary, I guess. Shame, shame, shame, on the NFL!!! For lying in court while the poor families go thru the hell that the player goes thru. So many unnecessary suicides.

Go see it!

Yesterday was actually my birthday; however, the celebrating is continuing today! Meeting Dra. Victoria (our eye Dr.) for lunch – we share the same birthday. And because of both of our extremely busy social schedules, we’re meeting today!

Went to Escazu yesterday afternoon. We needed to get some ink cartridges for the printer; went to Office Depot….alas! They don’t carry cartridges for US printers! Epson, get with it! However, a friend is in the states and has offered to get us some, whew, international catastrophe averted.

Picked up Mike and Joni for yesterday’s adventure. After being so disappointed that we couldn’t get ink cartridges, we headed to Multi-Plaza and wandered around AutoMercado; at one point, Joni commented, is wandering around a grocery store fun on your birthday when you don’t need to be at the grocery! LOL

Headed to the theatre to see The Lone Ranger. (yes, I saw it in the states, but it was showing in the VIP Lounge Theatre 1; we sat in really comfy recliners, and were waited on to get food. Mark fell in love with the recliners because they were finally long enough for him! LOL Guess we should go to the movies again and he can tell them they need to upgrade their recliners and he’d like to purchase one of the used ones! LOL

Enjoyed the movie even the second time around. Johnny Depp is so good!

Leaving the theatre we saw Dra. Candy and Jorge. She looked at Mike, Joni and me, and said “you should not be eating popcorn!” Then she turned to Mark and said, “but you can!” We got busted….Mike said it was a good thing she didn’t see what we ate before the movie! It was a neat experience and will now keep an eye on what’s playing at the IMAX theatre.

Arrived home around 10:30 p.m., which is very late for us! You know, the older you get, the earlier you go to bed and get up….

Two large iguanas are on the roof and Mark says they are in fighting mode – bobbing their heads up and down. I’m in the house and there’s a lot of running and sliding going on, or so it seems.

Off for another birthday celebration…..getting old has it’s advantages! When I turned 60, I think there were 10 days of celebrating!

Pura Vida from Paradise!

After spending most of Tuesday glued to the TV and all the festivities, it was time for a break…

Invited 22 women to a viewing of Mamma Mia at the club; we all enjoyed a yummy chicken alfredo lasagna, salad, garlic toast and the most luscious dessert – pieces of chocolate cake, with coffee flavored ice cream and carmel drizzled on top….YUM!

Then the movie started!  I was flabbergasted at the number of women that had NOT seen Mamma Mia!  It’s just got the music that makes you want to shimmy your shoulders, and any other body parts that will move!

Lots of singing was involved.  A good time was had by all….

but…..there sure were some people dragging into bowling this morning! LOL

Movie opened Friday and I’ve already seen it twice!  I love the friggin’ music!  Even downloaded Dancing Queen on my cell phone, so readers and friends, feel free to ring me up any old time and envision me dancing to the phone.

And….when I see it the next time, I’m sitting in the back row, so I can get up and “dance”.

Pierce Brosnan is definitely NOT a singer – I close my eyes and pretend it’s Tom Selleck or Michael Jordan to get through his songs – I thought he would never quit singing at the reception.

Meryl Streep was wonderful and when I grow up, I want to be her!

Oh, and my bowling team, I’ve got our Halloween costumes for this year! Guess?????

After the “FUN PEOPLE” saw Mamma Mia we decided to celebrate Aubrey’s pretend birthday party! Yes, at El Mazatlan, where they smear your birthday dessert on your face!

Fun stuff, with fun people – Aubrey’s a good sport.

And Happy Pretend Birthday to you, Aubrey…


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Saw this movie – really cute!!!  And the scenery in Scotland (if it was Scotland), is truly breathtaking.  Patrick Dempsey is very good with some funny lines and when he grows up he delivers some really great serious lines.

Since he’s experienced at MOH, I think I’ll ask him to be mine when I get married again!

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