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Am frantically trying to complete a sweater to take on my trip next week.

Joined a new ball of yarn and after knitting 8 rows on a circular knitting around the bottom of the sweater (knitters will understand this); I looked down and realized I had joined the wrong ball, wrong color, and wrong kind of yarn!

Nothng else to do but frog, frog, frog… the time I was done frogging, I was so upset with myself….I didn’t knit any more last night.

Before you ask, no, the colors of yarn were not even close!

To make myself feel better and more adult about the whole situation, everytime I walk past it, I stick out my tongue!

This is the second hoodie I’ve made for Jack. This yarn was specially dyed by Ashley from Enchanted Yarn and Fiber….it’s so much prettier in person than on the “drying board”.

I’ve never blocked with blocking wires so made a frantic call to Diane for help.  She was coming over to pick up some Pampered Chef sprinkles.

Got the sweater blocked, talked a bit and then she left.

Called me about 7:30 and greeted me with “boy are we old!”  “What did I come to your house for?”  We both forgot all about the sprinkles.

I think we’ve reached the age where all we can handle is one thought/thing at a time – OMG, does this mean we’re turning into men? LOL

Having spent most of Tuesday at Enchanted getting help with a baby/toddler hoodie that I have made before and apparently having lost a portion of my mind earlier in the day,  I thought I was on a roll.  Got the front done and the back done and yikes!  The split on the side was correct on one side and I couldn’t count correctly on the other side. 

So tonight, I’ve spent the evening frogging it back to the beginning of where the splits are….let’s hope someone is in their right mind tomorrow at Panera, or it’s back to Enchanted I go tomorrow!

Came home from the last KAL for the Baby Surprise Jacket on Thursday and felt I was on the right track.  Even knitted to row 19 Thursday evening.  Counted the stitches and lo and behold, yep, one stitch too many.

So, I put it away and decided Jan could help me at Panera’s on Friday morning.

She found my mistake and frogged back a few rows; I know I keep saying this “I think I’ve finally caught on” – however, I think I really have caught on now. 

After knitting a few rows at Panera, I came home and I’m still on row 19.

If I get to row 50, I think I’ll celebrate!

I am going to get this done….I am going to get this done….I am going to get this done, etc.

Thanks for all the encouragement on my previous post of the trials and tribulations of the Baby Surprise Jacket.

You will never believe what was messing me up!!!  I was trying to be clever in using a stitch marker to mark the sl1, K2 tog, PSSO – well, once I finally realized these markers were doing nothing but messing with my mind – I removed them – and now all is well with my knitting!

If, and I mean a really big if – I ever get this sweater done, I’m going to put it behind glass and hang it on the wall!  Honestly, I’m either having a major brain fart or a slow melt down! (Thanks to Elizabeth Zimmerman!)

I’ve frogged and re-frogged and re-re-frogged this sweater so many times, I’m sure it won’t be able to be given as a gift! 

But, and it’s a big but (not a big butt!), I’m going to finish this thing, if it takes all summer!!!

it’s off to spin I go!!!  You would think at my age, there’s not a whole to get excited about – spinning fascinates  me, not that I can do it yet, but I’m gaining.  It’s so nice to find people willing to share their spinning experiences, etc.  Hurray, for RoLynn and Ashley!!!

As for Athletic Weds., it was just so-so!  I did have a birdie and to get it, there was a very long putt involved…so that kept me going.  I started out really well, on a par 5 in 3 strokes, yes, I know that’s what is kosher, but for me, that’s a monumental feat!

However, and there’s always a however, it was so frickin’ hot….wasn’t sure I would make it for all 18 holes! If the humidity would just go away, I can stand the heat (except in the kitchen!).

I’m working on a baby cardigan in self-striping sock yarn.  Pattern is easy! However, I wish I would have combined the right front, back, and left front on a circular needle until decreasing for the sleeves.  That way the stripe matches around the body of the sweater.  Oh, well, now that I have the back and left front done, I don’t think I’ll “frog” it.  But I might, you never know when the mood will hit and I’ll start completely over!  However, I won’t make that mistake again when using self-striping yarn.  Live and learn!!!

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