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Today was knitting day.  Vera, Mariam, Jean Marie and I……supposedly Mariam was to have the keys to Cristina’s shop, but she didn’t.  Cristina has stopped working for awhile till she has the baby (July 4).

Cristina’s grandmother, Mariam’s mother lives on the corner. So we went to sit on her porch till the keys arrived.  By the time the keys arrived, we were all sitting comfortably around her Grandmother’s table.  Lots of Spanglish spoken, but a lot of laughs too.  Her grandmother wanted us to stay there because she likes having people around.  I feel like part of the family!

One thing Jean Marie and I learned today, I feel the need to share.

If you have knee problems, use chicken pieces (never figured out if it was cooked or raw), enough to go around your knee.  Then cover the chicken with leaves of cabbage.  Use a wrap to keep everything in place.  When you wake up in the morning, there is no more pain in the knee!  Almost wish I had knee pain to give this a try!  So if anyone tries it, please let me know how it works. Going to knitting, is not just about knitting! LOL

L to R: Vera, Jean Marie, Mariam, 93 year old abuelita of Christina.


Disclaimer:  Not responsible if you wet your pants laughing!

The regular knitting group seemed to keep dwindling down.  I was a little bummed and thought maybe it was time to take a break from knitting.

2 weeks ago, I went to a baby shower for Cristina, who was my sewing teacher awhile back.  I was the only Gringa there.  But it was hilarious.  They speak Spanish so fast, just like we speak English fast.  I could get a word or two here and there but it was just a super fun time.

As usual, I was behind in knitting my gift. I was knitting a small baby blanket and didn’t have it quite done, so I put it unfinished in the gift bag with other things.

Tico time is so different.  The shower was from 1-4.  Of course I got lost getting there and thought I would be really late arriving at 1:30 p.m. Alas! I was the first one to arrive! LOL Others slowly arrived.  Altho, people were still arriving at 4:30 and 5:00 p.m.

While sitting there waiting for people to arrive, I decided to  get the baby blanket and keep knitting on it.  Mariam, Christina’s Tia (aunt), came over and watched and we tried to carry on a conversation regarding knitting.  She knitted too!  Then Doña Vera (taking quilting classes from Christina) sat down beside me  and joined in the conversation.  Doña Vera knows some English and it was a little easier to carry on a conversation with Mariam.  Christina came over to make sure she wasn’t needed for translating! LOL  Cristina said to me “Mariam wants to know if you could get together to knit sometime.”  Well, that’s all it took and we became best friends!

I suggested first I should take them to Penelope’s in Santa Ana, which is a nice yarn shop!  She high fived me on that!  Vera wanted to go and Cristina too. So we hit up the yarn shop and a fabric shop.  The owner of the fabric shop said no one had ever spent so much time in the store as we did!

Where to knit?  Decided we would knit at Cristina’s sewing shop and Vera could continue with her quilting.  It’s a mix of crafters!

Then Jean Marie wanted to know if she could come, so I said sure! (Gringa)

We are sitting around a table, knitting, laughing, etc., and all of a sudden the front door opened and in came Cristina’s 93 year old grandmother!  She sat down at the table with us and began hand sewing a hem  around what looked to me as a napkin.  I noticed that every once in awhile a smile came on her face.  Am sure she couldn’t keep up with what was being said because most of it was in Spanglish!  But she was happy to be with us! And we were happy she was with us.

Then Mariam went to Grandmother’s house and came back with 2 quilts that this woman had made.  She used fabric from clothes people were throwing away.  WOW!!!!  Jean Marie and I were really impressed.  Gives us a goal to reach 93 and still be active.

Can’t wait till the next knitting get together!  I left there so happy!!!



I am taking a fair isle knitting class at Enchanted Fiber and Yarn.  Tomorrow we’ll be doing the bind off for the thumb and the top of the fingerless glove.  If you haven’t tried it, it’s for sure NOT vegetable knitting; but when I’ve been doing some vegetable knitting, sometimes, I’m just ready for a challenge.  This was fairly easy and quick – once I ditched the double pointed needles and started using 2 circulars.  Good old u-tube! LOL

Took another continental knitting class last Thursday morning at Enchanted Yarn and Fiber.  I think it clicked this time….after 3 tries, it should! 

There’s a wonderful book Y Not Knit that explains it in detail with great visuals;  If you haven’t tried it, it’s the best way to knit if your hands hurt while knitting.

I don’t know where I think my knitting needles are going, but I have a death grip on them and this certainly takes away any soreness after knitting.

Try it, give it a chance….you’ll like it and your hands will thank you for it!

Traveled to Enchanted today for the spring yarn tasting.

If you’ve never been to one, get yourself ASAP to one!  Any yarn shop NOT doing this hasn’t a clue what their customers are missing!!!

We must have “tasted” 30+ yarns this morning (besides a yummy brunch) and came away full.

Most were DK weight and as soft as a baby’s butt!  There was hemp but I was assured I wouldn’t get much if I tried to sell it for smoking.

The new spring yarns are not only luscious to feel but the colors range from pale to vibrant.

The only way to sum it up:  sooooo much yarn,  sooooo many wonderful colors, sooooo much softness,  and soooooo little time to get everything you’d like to knit knitted!!!

Thank you to RoLynn and Ashley for another devine tasting!!!

WOW! Is this great news – only opened in May ’08 and already doubling the size of the shop!!!  Just think of all the goodies this will hold – I cannot wait to see the progress – but most of all, I cannot wait till it’s done!

Hurray! Enchanted Yarn and Fiber.

For those that haven’t been there yet – you can take yarn from any place you buy it and go in and knit with it!

Picked up the Baby Surprise Jacket to start knitting this morning, since I stupidly forgot to take it to the KAL yesterday, and decided I didn’t like the M1 stitch I used.  So, I frogged and frogged and will now cast on and pay attention to what I’m doing.

I don’t know why I can’t do that – just pay attention! LOL

This is so choice!  I get to Enchanted Yarn and Fiber for the second KAL and wouldn’t you know, I didn’t have my bag with me that had the project in it!!!  So, I just watched everyone else, etc.

Neatest thing happened tho’, we had a fashion show during the KAL…..

Deloris and her new puppy, Max. (A shih tzu – 10 weeks old and all of 3.5 lbs.)

Then the Navy came in to show us we were in good hands, just like All State Insurance!

Next,  the Army was coming through the front door.  I can assure you that all 10 ladies felt safe, very safe.

Then the most beautimus lady came waltzing in the door – between you and me, I think she was following the Navy and the Army!

That’s what is so fun going to this yarn shop….you never know who or what will come in – such a fun place to be!!!

The knitting hint for this post is:  Be sure you have your project with you! LOL

PS: My bag was in the garage on the floor right next to where I park my car – it made it that far and apparently I had a brain fart didn’t bother putting it in the car! DUH!

Thanks for all the encouragement on my previous post of the trials and tribulations of the Baby Surprise Jacket.

You will never believe what was messing me up!!!  I was trying to be clever in using a stitch marker to mark the sl1, K2 tog, PSSO – well, once I finally realized these markers were doing nothing but messing with my mind – I removed them – and now all is well with my knitting!

If, and I mean a really big if – I ever get this sweater done, I’m going to put it behind glass and hang it on the wall!  Honestly, I’m either having a major brain fart or a slow melt down! (Thanks to Elizabeth Zimmerman!)

I’ve frogged and re-frogged and re-re-frogged this sweater so many times, I’m sure it won’t be able to be given as a gift! 

But, and it’s a big but (not a big butt!), I’m going to finish this thing, if it takes all summer!!!

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