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Yesterday we tried to do the unthinkable – getting 3 things accomplished!  When we first moved to Costa Rica, we were “warned” that if we got one thing on our list accomplished, to think of that as a successful day.

I had a dental appointment at 2:50 p.m. in Escazu; went smoothly except I have to return next Tuesday to see a Root Canal Specialist and then meet with the dentist afterwards.  Between you and me, they can pull the tooth….not relishing the possibility of a root canal. First thing accomplished. Loud applause, please!

Then off to CIMA for a bone density test.  Got registered for that and paid for it; waited a bit to be taken back for the test. Just as they called my name, Joni called and said your appointment with Dr. Arbaca needs to be changed, he had an emergency. That office only speaks Spanish (except for the Dr.) and I can muddle through it; however, on the phone is just too friggin’ challenging for me!  Enter Joni!!!

So as I’m being walked to the “bone density room”, I’m trying to come up with a time for the new appointment; settled for 5 p.m. on Wednesday.

So, 2 of 3 things were accomplished and it was a very successful day in my mind!!!

Living in Costa Rica means you just have to go with the flow – if you are unable to do that, this might not be the best place for you! LOL

Pura Vida…’s another gorgeous day on the mountain side!

I’ve been going to BerGlioth (don’t ask for a pronunciation!) for massages and been very happy, happy, happy!

Have even had foot detoxing done a couple of times. The stuff coming out of your feet is just plain disgusting.  I’m going to do that whenever I’ve been on antibiotics.  The first time it was so gross and the second time was not as bad. Probably should have done it a third time.  ($7,500 colones)

Dyanna had been talking to me about a Hot Stone Infrared Thermal massage.  My first thought, is I’m so friggin’ hot without adding any heat that I don’t think I could do it.  But I gave in and gave it a try!

You lay down on this bed with a covering, in your clothes.  Let me clarify, you are not covered with anything but your clothing.  There’s a scooped out part for your “tush”, and a place to put your feet.  It’s like a pedicure chair with the massage in the back only you are lying down.

I did ask for a fan to be put in there, but the heat was just sort of “warm”.  Needed a little music and I’ll request that the next time. LOL

Starts at your heels, goes up your calves; starts at your neck and slowly rolls down to your hip bones.  The first couple of times it really hurt the hip bones and I wondered if I would be able to get up out of the bed, let alone walk!  After I got used to it, it felt so good!

The benefits of this type of massage is for relaxing (yes, it works!) and aligns the spinal column.  I felt so relaxed – nothing hurt. Kept saying to myself, I wonder if I’ll be like this in the morning. Voila! I was!!!

I have neck problems and it really relieved them.

For a 45 minutes massage of this type, the cost is 5,000 colones!  I think I need to schedule another one soon!

The phone number for BerGlioth is 2455-0107 – ask for Dyanna.  Tell her Nancy sent you – and NO, I get nothing for referring you!

By the way, a regular massage is 15,000 colones.

May you have a relaxing, Pura Vida day!

Our second New Year’s Eve in Costa Rica!  Can hardly believe we’ve been living here for over a year and a half!  And lots and lots of things have happened in that year and a half.

We really do enjoy it here; what’s not too like – while my friends in FL, yes, FL, and KY are freezing, we have the windows and doors open with a balmy breeze blowing through the house; yesterday was a “bad” day with the December winds – we’ve got more dirt, leaves, etc. than ever – IN THE HOUSE! LOL  Sure hope Maricela shows up today to clean.

In early December, I saw the dermatologist.  He “froze” 26 spots on my face and upper chest.  I’m telling myself that for a week or so I looked like I was covered with beauty marks, ie: Marilyn Monroe style.  Hey! It’s my mind and I can tell myself whatever I want.

Back in the old country when something was removed by a medical professional, we had the understanding that things would be removed by pounds; 1 lb. minimum; preferably by 2 lbs. at a time.  I’m sad to report that these 26 beauty marks only  removed .1 pounds.  I see him again in February and we’ll be having a discussion regarding this.

Lots of resolutions for the upcoming New Year.

1. I am truly giving up Pepsi!  This will be difficult but I know I can do it….the past couple of months I could go without it for a week or so; and then I’d cave in a buy Pepsi.  It’s a big acid reflux cause for me!  Altho’ I’m happy to admit that my 1820 coffee doesn’t cause any reflux problems; am afraid to try any other coffee because I’m happy with 1820.

2.  I will definitely get a least one Christmas present made or purchased a month for Christmas 2013!  None of this stress and panic like I felt this year.  And I still haven’t completed my shipping or purchasing for Christmas 2012!  Hmmm, maybe I could just ship stuff now and say “Merry Early Christmas 2013” – keep this till December and put it under your tree.  Just a thought…

3. Get my sewing room organized!  Maricela is a good organizer so I think when the girls go back to school, she and I will get in there and tackle this.

4. I’m going to keep count of the people that I give rides to into town; that’s just part of my “Pay it forward”.

5. We will go visit some sites in Costa Rica – need to find someone to come to the house and stay with the dogs; it will be easier on them and us! LOL

6.  Work on my Spanish…I know the words, I just can’t get them into sentences!  Anyone that has young kids in their lives, have them learn Spanish!  It’s so much easier when you’re younger than at our age!

That’s enough for now….but I might add some other resolutions later.

Took a break and fixed Maricela and the girls some breakfast. Dylana, Nazareth and I are headed into town in a few minutes.  They are so good when I take them to town!  Don’t beg or whine for a thing!

Adios for now and Feliz Anos Nuevo!

This past week has not been a good one for me!  Dylana was here on Monday and had been sick. You guessed it! – I caught what she had….went to the Dr. on Monday – was told I had what everyone else in town had, but the good thing is I would be well by Christmas!  Came home with antibiotics every 8 hours for 2 days.

Wednesday  I was worse so back to the Dr. I go;  said I needed a stronger antibiotic one every 12 hours; this morning I woke up early (normal time) and am not nearly as congested as I was the day before; however, I still sound like I’m in a barrel when I talk…but things are looking up. Guess the older you get, the longer it takes to recover.

Woke up this morning to beautiful sunshine (as usual); hearing the howler’s down by the river; green parrots chattering away and a few toucans making their clacking noise.  So peaceful and sounds like home….

Last night I had a three nightmares!  Of course, this morning I have no clue what they were about – sometimes I yell or mumble during these times.  Sofi, my little princess, always comes to my side and gentle puts her paw on my cheek as if to wake me.  She did this three times last night!

There were fireworks in the valley last night when Sofi insisted on going outside at 12:30 a.m. – so pretty.

It’s now 7:30 a.m. and someone is already shooting off firecrackers….not the pretty kind, just the noisy kind. Tis the season in Costa Rica for everyone to celebrate!

Yesterday the washing machine decided to act up. Have suspected something was wrong with it for about 3 weeks; yesterday the last spin cycle didn’t work.  Not exactly what I want to have to purchase at this time of year!  Am running some clothes through another wash  cycle in hopes that it’s just something was out of whack!  However, if the same thing happens, I’m off tomorrow afternoon to get a different washer.

All the windows and doors are open, gentle breeze blowing through the house, and the sounds of Costa Rica! Doesn’t get better than this folks….so for now…..

Pura Vida!

Today was the big day for Velma to return to the dentist at Denta Vac in Escazu.  We left around 9:30 ish a.m. and stopped at the Feria in town.

Ran into lots of people I knew….that is always fun!!!  I think it was a contest between Velma and Joanne on who could buy the most!  We came away from there with lots of veggies and fruits.

Then off to Escazu.  Stopped at a great Mexican restaurant for lunch – and I promise, the next time I write about this Mexican restaurant, I WILL REMEMBER THE NAME OF IT!  It’s near the Santa Ana/Belen exit off Ruta 27.  As always, the food was excellent.

From there we went to Denta Vac.  Velma was early for her appointment and Joanne and I left to find the fabric shop so I could hopefully find more of the fabric I bought to have some chair covers made.  Yes, I could probably do it, but for $8.00 a chair, I cannot go thru the aggravation of putting in a zipper, etc.  Now to find the fabric I originally purchased but didn’t quite have enough of….will have to get with Isabel to meet with the lady again. LOL  (My translator)

Decided to hit a Pequeno Mundo  to find a new laundry basket since mine cracked….have to quit leaving it in the sun!  First Pequeno Mundo didn’t have it; went to another one and they didn’t have it!  All I want is a friggin’ plastic laundry basket!  Will hit the stores in town tomorrow and see what I can find.

Denta Vac called as Joanne and I were checking out and Velma was done!!! Alas, another appointment next week!  She’s grinding her teeth at night and will have to wear a mouth guard to protect her new “front teeth”.

After that we headed to Multi-Plaza; Velma was desperately looking for a new bracelet. Found the perfect bracelet and then there was a ring that sort of matched it, that said, “please buy me and take me home!”  So she did.

Went to Cemaco looking for a laundry basket – none there either….so we got some ice cream. Ice cream cures all, right!

On the way home it began to rain….by the time we got to Atenas, it was really coming down.  The streets were flooded in low areas.  Around Cruz Roja, the CAJA Clinic and in front of Kay’s….it was virtually a river in the street.

Places on each side of the road we live on were full of  rushing water.

Made it home safely….a full day, tired but it was fun!

Oh, I forgot…..on the way into town, there was a tire lying along the edge of the road….I want to “collect” some old tires, paint them and use them as planters.

As Mark was unloading the car with our many purchases today, he got to the bottom of the pile and found the tire!  The look on his face was priceless!!!  For awhile I let him think I bought it…but finally gave in and said it was a “find” along the road!

Very productive day…well, it was a financially productive day for Velma in the “Spending Department”.

Pura Vida… having my friends visit!!!


The week has flown by….played cards with friends and ate pizza cooked in their outdoor oven on Tuesday; getting ready to go to the dentist on Weds. morning and we experienced the first earthquake, 7.6, since we’ve been here!  Sort of a rock ‘n roll day!!!  It was an awe-minding experience!

Thursday found us on the way to San Jose for a mammogram and ultrasound.  Look what you get! A wonderful tote bag to carry your “films” in!  Yep, people, here in Costa Rica, you actually take the films with you! LOL


Normally, we get a good morning email from Amy and this morning we didn’t.  Checked and she hadn’t been on Facebook either.  Red flag and Mother’s intuition start imploding in my head.  Todd was gone all week covering the convention in Charlotte.  Kept checking my email/facebook and there was still nothing.  Had decided when we arrived home, if we still hadn’t heard anything from her, we were calling.

Really concerned when we had an email from Todd asking if we had heard from her…he had texted her a couple of times with no reply.  So we tried calling their house….no answer….by now Mother’s panic has set in!  Mark called Todd and he still hadn’t heard from her.

Finally we heard that Amy had called Todd.  She had taken a really bad fall in the morning; crawled to the bed but didn’t have the energy to get into it.  She sat on the floor leaning up against the bed all day.  Finally she was aware the phone was ringing, and was able to pull it to the floor.

She was able to call 911 and off she went to the hospital!  She’s still there!  Todd arrived home mid-day on Friday.  Todd is hoping to catch a Dr. or two today to talk to them.

These are the bruises on her legs!  Her right forearm is badly bruised and swelled; x-rays showed no break; thank heavens for that.  We talked to her last night….she sounds great and has no idea how she fell!  We all think there’s more rehab in her future!

She’s complaining about the nurses waking her up at O-dark thirty to take vitals; and her back is killing her; a lot from the fall, I would surmise and lying in a hospital bed.  I would say she’s on the road to recovery.

She had nothing to eat all day Thursday while leaning up against the bed!  And what was she worried about….she hadn’t fed her dogs! Isn’t she a good dog Mom?!

One of their dogs is a Pet Therapy dog and she asked a nurse if that dog could visit her! The nurse said sure!  I’m know that will make her feel even better!

Off to take Sofi for her day of beauty since yesterday’s day of beauty for her was cancelled.

Spanish class on Sunday morning….haven’t even looked at it!  Too many other precedents this week!  Hopefully, next week will be back on a even “retirement” keel!

Pura Vida!


I had my first, but not my last, Costa Rican massage this morning!  It was so relaxing!!!

The best part was she was so good with the neck “stuff” and my hand that has had multiply surgeries on….

As I was driving into town, I sort of had an Uh-oh moment!  In the US they have the room warm – since I was already extremely hot, damn thyroid!, I wondered if I would be able to stand it.  Such a relief as she started pressing a remote, I asked if that was heat and she said “no, cool”.  What a relief!

A few things that are different than a massage in the US…..lights left on; and no music….may take some the next time! and no place to hang your clothes.

Starts out face down….and when you flip over, she put a cool mask over my eyes….it felt so wonderful!

I actually feel rejuvenated!  Can’t wait till the next one! LOL

15,000 colones/hr.

Pura Vida…..

Now off to play I’ll Buy That with friends!

Life is wonderful in Costa Rica….

Today was my scheduled ultra-sound on the  freakin’ thyroid!

Do you believe this?  Within 30 minutes, I had had the ultra-sound, pictures printed out with diagnosis attached; handed to me, went to the Dr. and voila! All done!!!  I am still amazed at the speed you receive your medical tests and obtain the results!

Thyroid is basically atrophied; Let me re-phrase this….it’s the only small thing on my body!

So now, it’s just wait and see if the upped dosage of medication will do the trick; Dr. Candy assured me I should start feeling better by next week-end.  She will get another visit, if I’m not.  It’s not that I feel sick, I just feel exhausted!

So now I can plan on “running” (not actually running, but going places!) next week.  I’ve got a lot of that to do since we were without a vehicle for so long….you know, making up for lost time!

Pura Vida……

Yesterday was another exciting day – when you get older, health issues seem to be exciting!

Went to the Ladies Lunch at Kay’s; while at the register paying, I all of a sudden felt extremely dizzy and light headed.  Quickly returned to my seat and then started becoming nauseous.  Sat there for a few minutes, then decided I needed to get to the bathroom.  Again, I felt very light headed.

Mark happened to be there and I said “let’s go, I’ve got to see Dr. Candy, NOW!”….off we went, immediately taken to the examining room; vitals taken and then she appeared.

I was sent to the lab for more thyroid testing and an ultra sound on the thyroid is scheduled for Saturday morning.  Later in the afternoon, Dr. Candy called and said the thyroid is extremely low; so, after taking 4 mos. to get it regulated, it’s now out of whack again!  She has called a thyroid specialist and he advised upping the dosage of the thyroid medication.

For my U.S. friends, this will be interesting.  I go Saturday morning for an ultra sound and will be given the results immediately!  No waiting, immediately.  I then drop the results off at Dr. Candy’s office and will receive a call from her.  Can you believe how quickly the results can be received.  Too bad it doesn’t happen in the U.S.

I’m also at the point that I think I should just drink “the juice” to kill it off instead of going through all the months of getting it regulated.  No wonder I was beginning to feel lethargic again with profuse sweating.

At one point in the U.S., a specialist told me that I had very little thyroid left – he had trouble “feeling” it.  Getting the results will hopefully show that too…..perhaps it’s having trouble adjusting to this wonderful life in Costa Rica….LOL

Gotta love the speed and quickness in receiving medical results here!

Pura Vida for now…..

Tomorrow a trip to the Orchid Gardens in LaGarita with the “60 group”.  I feel like I will come home with a “new” one!

PS:  I have yet to drive the new car! Bummer!!!


Last week Mark and I decided we needed to get serious regarding learning the Spanish language. And the hunt was on for a Spanish instructor! We know words but getting them into sentences is just plain tough!

While reading one of the forums, David, posted an interesting tidbit regarding a mammogram. His wife walked into a radiologist office and inquired about getting a mammogram….you know the usual “old country” questions – Do I need a prescription from a physician?

Well, guess what friends!  No order from a physician is required!  So Marcia said “I’d like to make an appointment”…and the receptionist said “how about right now?”  So in she went….afterwards, she inquired about getting the results and was informed “if you can wait 15 minutes, the test will be read right now.”  She left that office with films in her hand!  And for this wonderful experience she paid $40!  Not bad, huh?  I’ll be headed there and hope to have the same experience sometime in July.

Somewhere in the emails back and forth with David to figure out where the radiologist is located in Grecia, we began discussing the Spanish language.  He and Marcia have a “teacher”, William, that comes to their house once a week.  William arrives on Saturday around 9 a.m. and stays till 11 a.m. or so, or until their brains are fried!

David invited us to come to their house on Saturday morning to meet him and to sit in on their lesson.  We really liked him!  He had a sense of humor, which is extremely important to me, and even included us in their lesson.  William is thinking about expanding into Atenas because of all the gringos in the area.

We’re in the process of trying to get him pinned down on price, time and place.  And we have a total of 6 people that are now interested.  It’s a very informal, relaxed atmosphere.  He inquires what you have done the past week and will be doing the next week.  He explained, he’s not trying to be prying, and frankly doesn’t care if you tell him the truth or embellish – the key is to engage you in conversation.

Keep your fingers crossed that this works out for us and the other 4 people!

On another note, Terri arrives at 5 a.m. on Saturday… excited!  She’s told me she doesn’t care if we spend all the time hanging around the house, or site seeing.  There are a few places I would like her to see and some restaurants we must go to….but we’ll play it by ear.

Pura Vida from the land of relaxation!

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