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Our 12 year old neighbor, Dylana, wanted only “ropa” (clothes) for Christmas.  Knowing how difficult it was to shop for our daughters back in the old country, I decided that she and I would go shopping together.  We would make an adventure of it!  She was excited when I asked if that would be OK, but she had to act surprised and pretend like she hadn’t seen any of the clothes when she opened the packages!  She readily agreed.

Today was the day that finally fit for both of our schedules to do the shopping.  She decided she would like to shop at Aliss, a department store down the way from Multi Plaza (in Escazu) or it’s also called “the Beverly Hills of Costa Rica”.  Keep in mind, this is a store she’s never been to but has heard me talk about it! LOL

Originally, just Dylana and I were going but Maricela (her mother) and Nazareth (her sister) decided they wanted to go too.  Again, neither had been there before!  I made sure that Maricela and Nazareth were aware that this day was for Dylana and they weren’t getting anything…..

I had been warned from various friends that the traffic is horrible, etc.; I found just the opposite!  In fact, I’ve been in worse traffic in that area when it wasn’t holiday time.  We arrived at Aliss about 10 a.m., so maybe that’s a little of the reason there wasn’t much traffic yet…and I noticed when driving past Multi Plaza there were still parking places available.

We walked in the store and I wish everyone could have seen the grin on Dylana’s face!  Maricela and Nazareth’s faces too for that matter.  I kept telling Dylana, venga….(come) to get her to the department where clothes were.  Keep in mind, she couldn’t quit smiling!  She picked out a few tops and pants; altho’, she had no clue what I meant about trying the clothes on to make sure they would fit.  I could tell that they shop by just holding up clothes to themselves. If only I could shop like that! LOL

All clothing was 20% off today – including the new summer clothing they were just putting out.  And 50% off Christmas things….

Maricela did buy Nazareth a pair of flip flops.

We were back in Atenas by 12:30 p.m.

Not sure if it’s wise of me to introduce them to stores like this but Maricela noted on the way home that the prices at Aliss didn’t seem to be too high.

All in all, it was a great morning, Dylana was still grinning when she got out of the car.  How fun it must have been for  her to go into a store that had a great quantity of things to choose from.

Made me happy that I did this….I know she enjoyed shopping and picking out fun stuff.

Pura Vida! and Feliz Navidad!

Three weddings in 6 weeks have put me in “shopping mode”.  One wedding has already happened in the old country; gift bought and will be presented when I’m there in October; second wedding is right here in Atenas – which has prompted this blog.  The third wedding I’ll be attending in October in the old country.

In the old country many stores offer free gift wrap and you walk out of the store with a gorgeous looking package.

Since I needed to be at CIMA on Thursday, and it’s really close to Multi-Plaza, I knew that would be where I would shop. I had been advised the intended couple had registered at Cemaco (a fav store of mine!) and at Aliss (another fav store of mine).

Was able to convey I needed a gift registry by showing the wedding invite.  Keep in mind the gift registry is in Spanish, I had been forewarned so I wasn’t too shocked!

The clerk waiting on me knew very little English and I know just a little of Spanish.  I would point out something on the list and we would go to part of the store of that particular item; I can’t just settle for the first thing I’m shown and picked out various other things so see what they had registered for….and, we zigged and zagged all over the store!  She didn’t know where some of the items were either and had to go to a computer to see where the items were shelved.

Made a decision….and as the clerk is taking me to the check-out, she asks me if I want it wrapped with tissue paper; so since I had to give up all my stash of wrapping paper when we made the journey here, I said “sure”.  Well, the tissue paper is actually newsprint; here are 2 pictures of the gift!

These were just wrapped in newsprint, then a wrapping paper over it….no box!  I chuckled to myself as I walked out of the store.

Yadixa, my favorite waitress at Antano’s, my favorite restaurant in Atenas, has been after me to take her a ride in Ms. Smartie.  Since Ms. Smartie’s days with us are numbered, yesterday was the day she and I took off on an adventure.

Off we went up into the mountains with the top down!  She loved it – especially when I turned on the seat warmers, which are not needed in the area we live in.  She giggled and giggled as the seat heated up.

We ventured to a little restaurant in the mountains called La Casita, which is “related” to Antano’s.  Ordered iced coffee drinks and gazed at this view.

I became enlightened on Costa Rica and education here.  It’s very good and I can tell you that the teacher’s don’t put up with the nonsense that’s in US schools with kids bratty behavior and I know you can’t touch me!

After leaving LaCasita, she wanted to show me the town that she’s from. Higher up into the mountains we went…and I can’t remember the name of the town. Shame on me….too much to absorb all at once.

She took me to a spot that you can see the Pacific Ocean, if only it had been a clearer day!!! I will go back there and get to see it…because of the haze, you could just spot the edge of land and the water blended into the clouds.

Starting down the hill, she inquired if it would be OK to stop and see her Mom.  And we did!

What a gorgeous little house and yard!  I was able to catch a butterfly feasting on one of the many butterfly bushes in the yard.


Then I saw the most gorgeous orchid bushes….so delicate and the most sweet fragance!


The next thing I know, Yadi’s Mom is coming out with a shovel and machete….I’m going to get a planting from this beautiful bush!

This bush had the “toughest” roots…..but eventually they got me a planting…..


And my “Yadi” orchid is now planted in my yard….thanks to Yadi, her mother, and Mark!  I wish you all could smell and see this delicate orchid.

It was a wonderful morning and I enjoyed it immensely!  Yadi, we’ll be doing another adventure soon!

A big thank you to all involved!!!

Pura Vida……




Made this baby wrap for my niece’s new baby who has yet to be born!  Due date was last Friday.  Now I need to find something to mail it in and get to the P.O.  Also finished these “surfboard/beach bum napkins this morning.  They are much cuter in real life!!

Now I’m exhausted. I guess retirement does that to you….you get so wiped out finished things that you’ve started.  Actually, I love sitting at my machine and doing the embroidery, applique, etc.

Need to find a good place in the Central Valley to shop for sewing notions tho’.  It’s very weird here because they have lots of fabric stores but that’s all they carry.  No patterns, no scissors, no thread, etc.  And until I can figure out where a “notions store” might be, I have to scrounge around and see if I brought “the stuff” with me.




Just received an email from letting me know that enough loans had been repaid and that I had more money I could loan.  This made the 40th loan I’ve funded – with a $200 investment!

Because I like making things, sewing, knitting, weaving, etc., I tend to seek out those requesting a loan to keep their “stash” plentiful so they may continue to help with keeping their families fed, educated, etc.

Years ago, I started doing this and only loaned $25; then I started adding to what I was willing to loan till it reached $200; as these loans are repaid, I loan out the money again and again and now reached a whopping total of 40 loans.

If you are not aware of, please check them out.  They have many categories to choose from.

Most of my loans have been to women trying to better themselves as well as their families.  It’s a very rewarding feeling to help others.

Please check it out and consider doing it – I know many people in the US need help too; poverty abounds and seems to be getting worse.

There are a lot of good causes out there and this is just another one.  If you find it in your heart to do this, please them know and I’ll give you a big hug!

Obviously, I should have ironed these before I took the pictures; however, dear readers, you need to see the product as it’s just completed! LOL

A friend asked me to do this apron for a friend of hers that lives in FL.  Aren’t the shell designs delicate?  And with a name like Bea…well, it deserves a little bee on it!

Daughter had me embroider the NYC skyline on one for a friend of hers that lives there!  Turned out pretty cute!

I firmly believe it is now time for a 3-party system in the US…..the Democrats, the Republicans, and the Party of Common Sense.

As soon as a politician gets “the” vote,  he/she seems to lose all common sense…..some things do not need to be studied; ie:  texting while driving is dangerous – hhhheeeellllloooooowwwwww!  That would fall under common sense for me.

Today a friend, Velma, wanted to take me for a birthday lunch. (It seems the older I get, the more drug out the birthday is!)

Went to TGI Fridays.  If you have not had their tomato/basil soup….it’s too die for! So yummy.

The waitress is taking our order and I ordered an unsweetened ice tea w/lemon; Velma ordered a Long Island Tea! I sort of looked at her and the waitress asked her if that was what she wanted…Velma replied yes.

Waitress brings the drinks, Velma takes a big ole (that’s what they say in KY) sip; her eyes opened wide, and she did a big gulp.  It was not what she thought it was.  Me, being me, thought it was hysterical!!!

Another great birthday moment! LOL

We’ve already booked our trip to the zoo to see our newly adopted giraffe….today I am calling her Lola; I’m thinking Lola could be the permanent name!

Can’t wait to see her……there will be lots of pictures eventually!

Yes, readers, my hubby “adopted” a giraffe for me from the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo (Colorado Springs) for my birthday!  


                                                          IT’S THE BEST GIFT EVER!!!!

Now to plan a trip to go visit her…..have named her Lola, then changed it to Nola and for some reason this morning I woke up and her name is Tiffany!  Stay tuned for other name changes!!!

WOW!  A giraffe…..I think I’ll get busy and knit her a scarf for those snowy, winter, mountain Colorado days!


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