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bingo towels

Up early this morning and thinking about Bingo on June 14th.   Everyone takes a prize for the table for those lucky enough to Bingo…..we have yet to Bingo!  Decided I would do dish towels, everyone can use them, right? One for every day of the week!

My metal drying rack “died” because of the plastic joins on it so we decided to head to EPA to find another one. When we moved here almost 3 years ago, I bought the drying rack for $50 and nearly choked! Well, today the price was $100!!!! Decided that if I need to dry the clothes, I’ll pay the electricity to use the dryer! Try to use it sparingly, so as long as I can get up early, and use the “outdoor” dryer, I’ll be fine…..I do use the dryer, just not as freely as I did in the U.S.

We went to EPA near Cariari Mall just for a change of scenery. Then we decided to go to Wal-Mart (I rarely shop there!) and lo and behold, they did not have what we were looking for – an electric swiffer vac. In the U.S. when I couldn’t find what I needed, the last place I’d go was Wal-Mart and I could usually find what I was looking for. Oh well, we didn’t need it…as Mark says “you hardly used it”.

I’m still figuring out this retirement thing; he got a life change; I get to do the same old stuff! Sheesh!

After wandering around Belen for what seemed like hours, we finally pulled out the GPS to head home; and yep, you guessed it, it took us pretty much back where we were!

Coming home I got something in my eye, it was very sharp; kept trying to rub it out, couldn’t produce tears to get it out….as we got off 27, I told Mark he had to stop at Victoria’s because she needed to get out whatever was in my eye! She looked…couldn’t see anything and then put drops in my eye, that burned to high heaven! I told her it’s in the corner….and then she saw it….used a q-tip to get out a gray piece of something….well, when we got home, I went to open the car door, and voila! I found what was in my eye….the plastic was coming off the door handle. Gotta get some duck tape on that too!

Big sigh…..and tomorrow will be another day!

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Am frantically trying to get some things done in order to have a booth in the park on October 13th or at Nana’s Place.  So far this is what I’ve gotten done this morning…..hoping to have some variety; Halloween, Christmas, etc.

So, if things don’t sell, and your a friend of mine that I give gifts to, (LOL), get your choice in of what you want!

Pura Vida!

A while back I was visiting at a friend’s house, Shirley’s, and commented on a most unusual piece of art she had hanging on the wall….it was made out of river rock – yes, stones!

I was put in touch with Rosita, that envisions the most unusual out of this medium.  Got the word this week, that my “piece was done.

picoutastoneIt’s our family portrait, Mark, me, Amy and Becky and it was completed with our 4 dogs!!!  Unbelievable that this is made out various stones that come from beaches and rivers in Guanacaste.

Rosita’s husband made the frame….It’s already on the wall!!!


A Tica friend asked me to embroidery the days of the week bibs for a baby that will soon be born in the family.  They are nothing fancy, just plain and simple!  Can’t wait till she sees them…..

Another humid day, altho’ the weather forecast said another cool front was moving in with rain….the word cool, here, is so different than cool in the old country! LOL

Took a field trip yesterday to San Jose; we had been told the Christmas lights were a sight to see; nada, saw very few; and we were told there were lots of street vendors, very few of those too.  Altho’, I think you could buy any kind of cell phone on the street you wanted!

However, we did find a WONDERFUL department store called Universal on the pedestrian mall. Wish men had not been with us, because I could have wandered in there for hours; and they had lots and lots of Christmas things on sale!!! Makes me long for a larger house to decorate! LOL

Then we headed to an upscale Mexican restaurant – good food and fun!  It was pretty “dark” to get a good picture; however, you get to guess who ordered this as their dinner! LOL

While the hubster was in FL playing “nurse” while Amy healed, I left him with these parting words….I’ll try not to make too many changes to the house.

The first two weeks he was gone, it seemed like all I did was run here, run there, between dental appointments and medical appointments, I would fall into bed at night exhausted, lying there thinking, well, that’s another day I got nothing accomplished.

A friend had had some painting done. Mark painted the original bathroom in the house a bright yellow – yes, I picked out the paint. However, it was way too bright and since it reminded me of the sun, I was always extremely hot in that bathroom. So she tried to hook me up with the painter.  Then Mark decided to come home much earlier than we anticipated. Panic set in because I had already purchased the paint!

One thing led to another and the recommended painter didn’t work out – ie: always cancelling.  So being the inventive person that I am, I decided to ask Maricela if she knew a painter.  She says Luiz, her husband.  Keep in mind this on Monday and Mark arrives home on Tuesday.  I asked when and she said right now he was just working temporarily….so she called him and he said if I picked him up around 10 a.m. where he was working, he could do it that day.  Then he called back and said “make it 11”.

She reminded me it was 11 and to go get Luiz – nicknamed Cuko!  He came right in and got to work!  It’s a small bathroom and he was done with 2 coats within a little less than 4 hours – cost was $12!

With Mark gone I didn’t have a stocked kitchen of food and felt I should offer them lunch.  Cuko ate his lunch between coats of paint! LOL  I found hotdogs and fixed those with chips and salsa.  Get this, Cuko ate his hotdog cold, in a bun, with all the condiments on top!  Seriously!!!  I can eat a cold hotdog but not in a bun with condiments….EEEUUUUWWWW.

Mark arrived home on Tuesday as I said previously.  No mention of the difference in the bathroom.  Finally, late Wednesday afternoon, he’s in the utility room and finds the gallon of paint.  Comes into the kitchen, my least favorite room of the house till my friend Joni says if you have an argument with your spouse, as long as you are in the kitchen, YOU ARE RIGHT!

He says “did you buy a gallon of paint to make something for the wedding?”  Now, where he came up with that I’ll never know!  So I said no!  Then he kept badgering me about that damn gallon of paint. Finally, I said, I had the bathroom painted while you were gone.  In he stomps to the bathroom and says, oh no you didn’t…..I painted it!  Then I calmly said and it never got finished because you expected me to do the trim and paint behind the toilet.  I’ve decided I’m retired from trim painting!

So again, I calmly said, you painted it yellow!  Then he says, no I painted it white.  Then I said , but the walls are now a light blue!  So then a discussion began on what color he painted it.

Moving along, then he says, well he got paint on the ceiling….again I calmly said that is there to cover the yellow you slopped on the ceiling!

You just gotta love a man that has no clue what is going on or what he has done! LOVE IT!

Then he started in, you didn’t need a gallon.  Then I tried to remind him that he had me get a quart when he was painting it yellow….then another quart…..and he wasn’t sure there was enough left for me to do the trim!

If I ever get my sewing room situated, I want to paint one wall of it this pretty light, cool feeling blue.

Some things never change! Big sigh….

Pura Vida from a warm, sunny Costa Rica!



Just finished closing the toe of Amanda’s “first” sock with the kitchener stitch. Altho’ the foot of the sock looks large, it’s not when you put the sock on.

I sent her pics of sock yarn that I had and she picked it out. I think it knitted up pretty cool! Just a rib stitch all the way down the leg. Need to get busy on the second sock. I didn’t use one pattern as written, but used a ribbing and leg pattern from one, and then a foot pattern from another.

Off to start the second foot….


We spent last week frantically getting things completed to complete our residency requirements for Costa Rica.

Today, Mark went to the bank and paid the taxes and fees; 1) which is money we “give or loan” (my words) to the government in case they decide to deport us.  I’m sure this will apply more to Mark than it will to me. Supposedly, this money is in a bank account and is used to pay airfare out of Costa Rica.  Don’t quote me on this, but I think if you’ve been here 5 – 7 years, you can ask for the money back.  We don’t know of anyone doing this successfully. 2) We have to convert $1,000/mo into colones; not a big deal since we have a dollar account and a colones account.

Tomorrow afternoon we will go to the Costa Rican Social Security office in Atenas and sign me up for CAJA, their government insurance.  Mark signed up last Thursday but I have to sign up as a dependent at another office, go figure!

Then tomorrow afternoon, we’ll be calling Monika, our residency attorney, to get our newly developed paperwork to her; she’ll make sure everything is in order and then on Friday she’ll request an appointment, I think for Monday or Tuesday for us to be present, or resolved (as they say here) and then we’ll have a picture taken for our Cedula’s.  This little card will show that we’re eligible for the CAJA and not have to make a 90 day border runs.  WOO-HOO!  We didn’t have to make any border runs because Monika got our paperwork in line before the first 90 days we were here.

When we look back at how quickly things happened, and what has  gotten done here in Costa Rica, it’s unbelievable!  The big reason that we were able to do all this was because the house in the U.S. sold so quickly.  My neck still hurts from the whip-lash!

I’m thinking we should have a “We’ve been resolved party”…..what do you think?

Pura Vida!

Unbelievable, I know!  I’ve just finished the last 2011 Christmas gift!  But hey, it’s before the end of January….Christmas happened upon me too darn quick with everything going on here with the move, construction, etc.  It won’t be a surprise when she sees it here, but maybe, just maybe, when I give it to her, she’ll act surprised! LOL   So, if you know anyone named Pat that built a cathedral, it’s yours!!!!!

Another gorgeous day in the Central Valley!  Nice breeze blowing and it’s 85 degrees.  Doesn’t get better than this folks.

We love living here and  meeting new friends every day it seems.

Pura Vida….Adios for now!

Made this baby wrap for my niece’s new baby who has yet to be born!  Due date was last Friday.  Now I need to find something to mail it in and get to the P.O.  Also finished these “surfboard/beach bum napkins this morning.  They are much cuter in real life!!

Now I’m exhausted. I guess retirement does that to you….you get so wiped out finished things that you’ve started.  Actually, I love sitting at my machine and doing the embroidery, applique, etc.

Need to find a good place in the Central Valley to shop for sewing notions tho’.  It’s very weird here because they have lots of fabric stores but that’s all they carry.  No patterns, no scissors, no thread, etc.  And until I can figure out where a “notions store” might be, I have to scrounge around and see if I brought “the stuff” with me.




Even tho’ I’ve got a million things to do, I decided I would be a happier person if I sat at my machine and “did something”!  And voila… is true…..I feel like I accomplished something.

I think these are the cutest pillows!  Made from a linen dish towel, add an embroidery design, a travel pillow inside, and ribbons to tie it all together!  I’m going to try and make one for every holiday/season.  And that will make my decorating complete! LOL

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