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Sofi and Derby had a spa day today so I had them in town early.  9 a.m. – when you’re retired, that’s early!  First time Derby has not been ready to get out of the car.  Got them dropped off and away I went.  Parked by BCR and walked the town.

Stopped in the tienda across from the correo.  Had some new dresses but none in my size.  By the time I was through trying on the dresses and getting it off, I was so hot!  Always have my  water bottle with me.  Then I wandered in one of the shoes stores and nothing yelled “buy me”.  So I wandered down the street and all of a sudden a lady came around the corner.  It was quite funny because we both looked at each other like “I know you”!  It was Sandra’s (from Antanos) mother.  Hadn’t seen her in ages. We hugged and attempted some Spanglish. Then we went on our way.

On my way to Antanos I ran into Dra. Candy.  and  we chatted for a bit.  I went on my way to have some iced tea for National Iced Tea Day and wait for the dogs to get done.  A lady walked in and put her stuff on the couch on the porch at Antanos and headed to the bano.  She came out and headed to where the bar/kitchen area is.  All of a sudden Sandra came out and said “Nancy, this is my grandmother.”  I replied “su abuelita”… I went over there and the hugs and kisses I got from this woman will never be forgotten.

Then Sandra’s mother came in with a beautiful orchid for Sandra (her birthday is Monday). I kept saying “total familia”.  We laughed and continued talking in Spanglish.

Then I got a phone call from Mark saying he needed me to get a newspaper so he could wash the windows!  Said to get La Nacion because it was a thicker paper! LOL

On my way to where the car was parked, I ran into Mike and Joni. She was headed to Alvaro for rehab.  Said he’s really helping her.  And we agreed he was easy on the eyes!

Finally got to the car, I park on one side of town and walk instead of trying to find a place to park. Off to Coope for Mark’s newspaper.

I apparently have problems parking in parking lots.Pulled in really crooked and as I’m trying to straighten up, I had one tire over the parking bumper; so back and forth I go, finally getting it almost straight.  Get out of the car and Mike Elder says you know you’re not really supposed to drive over those right?  In my mind I’m thinking I’m of the age I can do pretty much whatever I want. LOL  Then he told me to buy the La Teja newspaper because Mark would enjoy the centerfolds!  Told him Mark specifically said La Nacion because it’s thicker! He laughed over that!

After that I headed to where the dogs were.  Sat for a few minutes waiting and the yelping and hollering  they were doing was totally embarrassing to me!  They know better than to act like that.

Uneventful ride home; dogs ran in the house and slept for a couple hours before I remembered they hadn’t lunch yet.  Their spa day totally relaxed them and they have slept all afternoon.

I was worn out from walking all over town too.  Not able to go all day like I used too.



Sedona, 15 years old, had to be put down yesterday.  Dr. Solano told us that she had had a long life for lab.  He assured us that we had taken excellent care of her.  Ours dogs are family and this is why it’s so hard.

I got Mark Sedona for Father’s Day many years ago….a few months after Dudley, our sheep dog, had passed away.  She was one of a litter of 11!  And the runt!  Only she and brother were the blonde color and the brother was tall enough, and Sedona small enough, that she could actually walk under the brother.  The other 9 puppies looked like Border collies and were black and white with long hair.

She was adopted from the Bowling Green/Warren County Animal Shelter.  My friend Joanne Walton would go with me to visit her after I had picked her out. At that time, that particular shelter would ask for references, especially Vets, to make sure you’re a good dog parent.

Joanne had lots of experience with dogs and convinced us to get a crate.  We had never done that before with our other dogs, but I was working then.  Best thing we had ever done.  Except, one day we both came home from work, and found a wall demolished!  She had been scratching at the drywall most of the morning, apparently, bored!  Lesson No. 1: don’t set a crate near a wall that can be reached by the dog.

We named her Sedona, because we love Sedona, AZ and it was a suggestion from Todd Ofenbeck, our son-in-law.  And our dogs are so much a part of the family, that they have middle names!  Sedona’s middle name was Joanne, named after my friend.  She would crack up when I would call her Sedona Joanne and like all good mother’s used the middle name when she was in trouble.

Because she was the runt,  silly me, figured she would be small! One of the vets said she might be 30-40 lbs. and another vet said “many times, the runt ends up being the largest” – well, she was large, 75 lbs.

She was a great dog, minded well, etc.  She would even walk me to the bathroom in the middle of the night!  (Like I didn’t know the way.)

The last 3 days, it had become apparent that something had to be done.  Her hind legs were extremely weak and many times we would find her splayed on the floor.  And she wouldn’t make a sound so we had to keep checking on her.  We would help her up and she would gain a little energy and be able to walk again.  It had gotten to the point that we were afraid to be gone from the house and come home and find her splayed on the floor.

When Dr. Solano was giving her the shot, I held her head and whispered to her that it was OK to go; and I was thinking, wouldn’t it be great if people had the choice to not live a productive life any more because of illness.

Hopefully, she has caught up with our other dogs, Whiskey, (yes, our first dog was named Whiskey!), Tramp, Dudley and Oliver at the Bridge and they are playing happily again.

RIP Sedona, you were a great dog!!! I will miss you forever!
click on image to see more photographs of Sedona…
Sedona the dog

Started out in Ft. Myers, FL because Todd, (SIL) had shoulder surgery at the VA hospital. I was impressed! Fairly new hospital. I was the runner to get stuff (ie: paperwork, medications, the sling for his arm). So I spent a lot of time in the lobby listening to the Vets talk about their experiences, etc.

One funny story. As I was sitting there waiting to get the sling to take up to Todd in the recovery room, a woman named Mary came out to give a man his c-pap mask. He kept saying over and over, thank you Jesus, I can sleep tonight. Then he said “I guess I should be thanking you Mary, for giving me the mask.” Her reply was “You know he’s not my son, right?” It appeared to be a “nice, fun, happy place to work.”

After 7 days there, I was off to Bowling Green. Gayla’s daughter, Megan, was planning a surprise birthday for her on Saturday. So, Pat, Velma and I headed to Nashville that morning to do a “little” shopping before hand. We arrived at Megan’s house and Gayla’s friend Patty, from Memphis, was shocked when I walked in! She said Gayla is going to be so surprised to see you! I never did count but I think there were 15-20 people there. It was a nice party and Megan and Rusy, Gayla’s son, did a great job!


Stayed with Julie and Norman this time. They sure have a beautiful house!!! And I thank them immensely for their hospitality. Was able to spend some time with Joanne, who is another “bestie”. Pat, Velma and I had a ball. Went to see the movie Jason Bourne….throughout the movie I kept thinking this is right up Mark’s alley. All the car chases, motorcycle chases, crashes, etc. So I imagine when it comes here, I’ll be seeing it again!

I flew Delta, and love they have screens on the back of the seats. Watched three movies in my travels….of course the only name I can imagine is My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2. Cute!

Most of the shopping was already done and sent to Velma’s. So it was like Christmas!!! Even brought a new sewing small sewing machine home. Plus various other things that are too darn difficult to find in CR.

Was really surprised at the prices in the grocery stores. Cheap! Compared to here. Eggs, 49 cents a dozen; milk 99 cents a gallon.

My trip to the states was eventful because of storms and we had to fly over and over Ft. Myers before we could land. Then the pilot informs us we can go around one more time but then we need to make a decision on what airport to land at because we were running out of fuel! It would have been much less nerve-wracking if he had said “we may have to land at another airport because of weather”! Trust me, no one wants to hear “we may run out of fuel!”

Then the flight to Nashville, we circled Nashville for a little over an hour because of storms before we were able to land.

The weather was so darned hot! Miserable…..I don’t know how people that work outside can stand it. The humdity was absolultely draining!

I was happy to return home and see Mark and the dogs! Julie has 4 dogs and boy did I get sniffed over by our three dogs.

It was a great time, but I am exhausted! Perhaps age has a little to do with that!

Derby has been on special dietary dog food for months! He needed to go for a weight check this morning. Dylana and Nazareth rode into town with me. Normally, if the girls are with me, the dogs are all over them; but not today. Derby decided to ride on my lap. However, he was on the controllers to open and close the windows…..between him stepping on the controllers and me trying to get him off, his nose got caught in the window. Poor baby, even whimpered. While this is going on, I cannot see a thing but knew I should be braking……when I finally got him off my lap, we were pretty close to kissing a tree! Derby rode in the backseat with the girls the rest of the way….of course, they fussed over him.

Good news, he’s lost 3.5 lbs.; has a few more to go tho’.

Better news, he rode in the backseat all the way home. Let’s hope he’s learned a lesson to not sit on the driver and try and control the windows!

What an exciting morning…..I think I should take it easy the rest of the day.

Pura Vida!

Tuesday was a busy day!  Had Sofi in to the groomer by 9 a.m.; just waited around town running errands, etc. while she had her “day” of beauty.  Then I brought her home.

Headed back into town for knitting – decided I didn’t want her crawling all over me while I knitted.  And believe me, it was a very wise decision!

While heading up the last hill into town, I realized the car wasn’t  running quite right. Oh, boy, was it ever running hot.  Pulled over and called Mark and while I was talking to him, it was starting to cool down.  (I was driving old Bessie when she basically overheated and blew up!)

He called our mechanic, Freddy, and he said he would stop at Kay’s to check out the car.  However, he neglected to tell Mark that he was headed to Alajuela……At any rate, he stopped by about 3:30 p.m. – poured water in and we watched it run right out.

Then he said the magic words…..I told Mark a couple weeks ago, that it would be better to put a new tank/reservoir in – the silicon didn’t hold.  By now I’m trying to keep my blood from boiling!!!  And it’s a real shame Kay’s doesn’t serve vodka tonics or margaritas!  So I calmly asked how much this was going to cost…..75 mil most likely….he immediately called to order the part from San Jose and it will arrive either today or tomorrow by bus….Freddy said it’s a quick job to do.

Thru many phone calls back and forth with Mark, he politely informed me that the last car “I blew up” cost us $2,000 and we had to buy a new (10 year old) car!

Mark and I tend to differ on getting things repaired.  I told Freddy he needed to talk to me regarding parts, etc., not Mark!  Since I’m usually the one that gets stranded, I think if you’re told something needs to be repaired or replace, you do it!

Luckily, Bunky and Denise offered to run me home!  Muchas Gracias!!!

While Bunky and Denise were here, the pool motor started making even a worse noise. We’ve known for quite a while it needed to be replaced.  Mark called Morris this morning regarding that.  Maybe he’s realizing that putting off the inevitable isn’t worth it!

Phone just rang – Freddy…..says the car is ready!!! WOO HOO!!!!


April 27th was a busy, busy day – picked up a friend from the U.S., Pat at 5 a.m.; finding nothing open for breakfast, we ended up coming home.  We really aren’t far from the airport, which is a good thing, because Mark was arriving home at 11:00 that same morning!

We certainly had three happy dogs; they were happy Mark was back home, and they remembered Pat!!!  Didn’t do much since Pat had an overnight flight and was exhausted.

But Friday morning we were up and at them!  Took her to the Feria first and she was flabbergasted at the size of some the veggies and fruits here.  Then we headed for massages…..and we were toTireParrottally wasted for the day!

Made a trip to Grecia and Sarchi…..I’m still in awe at watching the painters work on the souvenirs, etc.

Hooked up with Lee and went to Salitral to a great pottery place.  Oh, and Pat bought a Parrot made out of a tire – altho’, she really wanted a toucan!  When Mark took it out of the car, his immediate comment was “you’ll never get this in a suitcase!”  I was just positive it was the same size as my Toucan, however, it’s much bigger.

toucantireYep, it’s much much bigger and made out of a regular sized tire, I guess.  So, she left it here for me to sell, if anyone is interested in it…..

Then Tuesday morning, Pat, Michele (from from Costa Rica) and I went on a 3 day, 2 night adventure – and what an adventure it was!  We had reservations at  Hotel Verde Mar Del Pacific, which is basically on the beach!!!

There is an old airplane on the way to Manuel Antonio that has been turned into a really neat restaurant. And since it was lunch time, the car just stopped there!  There are tables and chairs in the actual airplane along with a couple of levels added on to the back of the airplane with lots of tables that have views of the Pacific.  I recommend it…..

The first full day we were there we spent on the beach on lounges under an umbrella.  Water was warm, like bath water.  I loved it because I like all the beach vendors coming up to sell stuff!!!  After awhile we took a walk and found a bunch of shops, which I’m sure is where the vendors get their things to sell, even though they all tell you that they made it!  We all bought a few things and headed back to the beach.

My favorite beach vendor of all was the massage lady!  For $30 I got a massage on the beach…..listening to the waves come in, it just doesn’t get much better than that!!!  And it was supposedly an $85 massage if you went to her studio!  So look at the money I saved.

Then we headed back to the room to get ready to head out to eat….and I can’t remember the name of the place, but it was really good.  Did I mention it was happy hour also?  After stuffing ourselves, we headed back to the room.

And then someone noticed it was about 7 p.m. and we were in jammies and in bed reading.  Cracked ourselves up till I got a notice on facebook/internet that a huge 8.0 earthquake hit Chile; and where we were in Costa Rica, we were in a tsunami watch area.

Mark had told me to not call unless there was an emergency so I messaged him instead of calling.  He hadn’t heard about the earthquake/tsunami stuff.  So he went on the internet and kept us informed; he wanted us to leave – remember we are staying right on the beach.  At one point he said, “it’s not that far, drive home and go back in the morning”, which wasn’t happening since I was the driver.  Another friend from the US suggested we take turns sleeping….ah, not a good idea with a possible tsunami on the horizon!

Pat and I headed to the front desk; the desk clerk might have been 14-15 yrs. old!  When I inquired about it, he had no clue what I was talking about; then he wanted to know how I knew it; duh! How does anyone know anything now, the internet!  So as he was trying to assure me that the large rocks in the water, would slow the tsunami down; and that if we needed to evacuate, the police would come with sirens.  Now I’m looking at the narrow road there and realizing that I would never get out in the traffic…..

so we decided to search out someplace that was higher…..yep, back to the airplane restaurant!  Only this time, two of the three of us had already taken sleeping pills, we were all still full from dinner; so we ordered dessert!  After sitting there an hour or so, we received an email saying the tsunami watch had been cancelled.  So we finished our “food” and jumped back in the car and went down the hill to our little hotel.

The next morning we got up, loaded the car and headed to Playa Dona Ana to feed the monkeys at the beach.  So fun!!!

Then on to Jaco and breakfast; can’t remember the name of the restaurant we had breakfast at, but next time in that area, I will be going there again.  Wonderful, wonderful food!

Shopped a little there but as you know, Jaco, is hot, hot, hot!  Back to the car and then on with our journey home.

Arrived home around mid-afternoon and I don’t know why, but we were exhausted!  Guess it’s the heat!

It was fun to get away for a couple of days – and going with girls and shopping, well, let’s just say, we all had a great time!

Pat enjoyed her time in Costa Rica and says she’ll be back!!!

Pura Vida!


When we first moved to Costa Rica, we were advised/warned/told that if we had a list of things to get accomplished in one day, if we were able to mark off one item, we should consider it a successful day!

Today we were able to accomplish A LOT!

Sofi and Derby were headed to their day of beauty with Stephanie; got them to her house and that only left us with one dog in the car. Sedona needed to go the vet for a check up on her nose, which has healed nicely.

After dropping off the “diva dogs”, we went to the ATM…..then the Post Office…..then to pay for our WIFI…..then to Centro Farmacia…..then to Coope – Mark needed to re-charge his cell phone; I stayed with Sedona in the car because we had the car parked in the shade….it was wonderful! Then I went in to the grocery – only two check-outs were open but they were filled with people with full carts – I think I waited longer in line to gather the few things I was buying.

Then we headed to wait for the dogs to be finished….since we were close to Mike and Joni’s, we stopped there because I needed to go to the bathroom. DUH!

Stephanie called and the dogs were ready; picked them up and called in a take-out order of Arroz con Pollo at Antano’s; home now, have eaten lunch and ready for my first nap of the day!

I don’t think we should have accomplished all those errands in one day….LOL

Pura Vida from Paradise!

A while back I was visiting at a friend’s house, Shirley’s, and commented on a most unusual piece of art she had hanging on the wall….it was made out of river rock – yes, stones!

I was put in touch with Rosita, that envisions the most unusual out of this medium.  Got the word this week, that my “piece was done.

picoutastoneIt’s our family portrait, Mark, me, Amy and Becky and it was completed with our 4 dogs!!!  Unbelievable that this is made out various stones that come from beaches and rivers in Guanacaste.

Rosita’s husband made the frame….It’s already on the wall!!!


This past week has not been a good one for me!  Dylana was here on Monday and had been sick. You guessed it! – I caught what she had….went to the Dr. on Monday – was told I had what everyone else in town had, but the good thing is I would be well by Christmas!  Came home with antibiotics every 8 hours for 2 days.

Wednesday  I was worse so back to the Dr. I go;  said I needed a stronger antibiotic one every 12 hours; this morning I woke up early (normal time) and am not nearly as congested as I was the day before; however, I still sound like I’m in a barrel when I talk…but things are looking up. Guess the older you get, the longer it takes to recover.

Woke up this morning to beautiful sunshine (as usual); hearing the howler’s down by the river; green parrots chattering away and a few toucans making their clacking noise.  So peaceful and sounds like home….

Last night I had a three nightmares!  Of course, this morning I have no clue what they were about – sometimes I yell or mumble during these times.  Sofi, my little princess, always comes to my side and gentle puts her paw on my cheek as if to wake me.  She did this three times last night!

There were fireworks in the valley last night when Sofi insisted on going outside at 12:30 a.m. – so pretty.

It’s now 7:30 a.m. and someone is already shooting off firecrackers….not the pretty kind, just the noisy kind. Tis the season in Costa Rica for everyone to celebrate!

Yesterday the washing machine decided to act up. Have suspected something was wrong with it for about 3 weeks; yesterday the last spin cycle didn’t work.  Not exactly what I want to have to purchase at this time of year!  Am running some clothes through another wash  cycle in hopes that it’s just something was out of whack!  However, if the same thing happens, I’m off tomorrow afternoon to get a different washer.

All the windows and doors are open, gentle breeze blowing through the house, and the sounds of Costa Rica! Doesn’t get better than this folks….so for now…..

Pura Vida!

Maricela and Nazareth visited last evening. She’s headed to the Clinica today and will clean tomorrow.  I had just popped some corn, the old fashioned way, you know, sort of like Smith and Barney!  Shared with them and even sent some home with Nazareth.  Dylana is at a football (soccer) tourney this week.

Apparently there was another earthquake here during the night….we slept thru it! AGAIN!  I guess it doesn’t faze our dogs because no one made a whimper.

Derby is going to get his mouth glued shut!  That’s the only way I can think of to keep him from barking!  6:10 a.m. he started in…..the construction guys sometimes egg him on, I think.  If he’s in his crate, he doesn’t bark…..guess, it’s sort of like time-out for a toddler!  At any rate, I’m very irritated with him!!! Should have sent him home with Velma! LOL

Still recovering from company being here….the older I get, the longer it takes to recover!   Used to be able to recover in a day or two, now it seems like it takes days!!! But, I really, really enjoy having company!  It was sad when they leave; but I do realize I have good friends all over the world!

Need to start thinking about Christmas…..

Maricela and the girls have Christmas lights out and have hung some ornaments on the large cactus in the front of their house.  We went down there Friday night for the “lighting of the lights!”  And they sang and danced to Jingle Bells! It was so darn cute!!!

The girls will be helping me decorate the trees in a couple of weeks.  Maricela said they’ve never had a Christmas tree!  I have some stockings that I’ll be putting their names on too…..I told Maricela she could not come to see our trees, yes, I put up two trees, about 6 feet apart; one inside and one outside!  She can come when we turn the lights on!

When I was in the old country, I bought two felt kits of ornaments so the girls can make some ornaments too!  It will be fun!!!  If we’re lucky, Mark will go into town and get us pizza!  We’ll play Christmas carols and decorate like mad fools!

Off to hang out some clothes!

Pura Vida!!!


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