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Today was a day of hilarity for  us and those that were at Pizza Finca!

Victoria is about 20 days from having her baby and Karen decided we should have lunch together before the big day.  (It’s the 7/31 Club because we were all born on that day.)  What could we do to make it funny? Decided we should go as pregnant women too! Enjoy the pictures and please note the real pregnant person, is the smallest! You just can’t take the fun out of the “older ladies”. Poor Victoria!!!!  She assured us that Ema was going to call everyone when the baby arrives!

Here’s the conversation according to Karen…

Lunch conversation goes something like this….

Table for 3? No table for 6 (please).
Ah, waiting for 3 more ladies? No, why do you ask?
Well, there are 3 of you yes? No, there are 6 of us.
ME: Better make it a table for 7. I’m having twins!
VIC: Hurry I think I’m going to Earl!
NANCY: Earl who? I think I’m having a basketball!
ME: For lunch? And who is this Earl, Victoria?
VIC: I’m gonna be sick, like Earl right now!
NANCY: Suddenly I’m not so hungry, let’s go to the bar!
ME: Works for me, how ’bout you Victoria, you in?
VIC: I’m gonna go take a nap before I go back to work.
NANCY: There’s always one party-pooper in the crowd!
ME: Okay, I’ve got errands to run before I deliver these guys. See ya, same place, same time, next week for lunch gals?
Should we invite our husbands maybe……
THEM: Nah, then we’d need a bigger table…..

While I absolutely love the hub bub of the holiday season approaching,  this time of year really drains me, mentally, physically and emotionally.

In our 45 years of marriage, we’ve never lived any where near relatives….however, we’ve lived in 5 different states and have many friends still in those old haunts. And with Facebook, it’s a real treat to re-connect with old friends.  Our family is scattered all over the US and it’s virtually impossible to do the family Christmases we had when the girls were little.

The worst part for me is the shopping.  I like to do handcrafts and it’s just impossible to find fabric and all the notions, etc. in a one stop shop!  Usually, I just get frustrated and head home – ticked that I can not get the things I want/need.  Am slowly getting over that, tho’….or else the Pura Vida is slowly creeping in.  Or I suck it up and pay the international shipping and then by the time my order makes its way to Costa Rica, I’ve forgotten what I wanted the things for.

Stopped at Payless Shoes yesterday because a friend was going to buy shoes for their “angel” from the angel tree; a pair of tennis shoes for a child was $26!!!  It makes me sad, because the Costa Rican people we know and are friends with, can’t pay that for one child, let alone their family of 2, 3, or more children.  I honestly don’t know how they do it – but they are so happy!

Am slowly getting used to the grocery shopping – still not quite sure what I’m getting in the meat department because “cuts” of meat here sure look different to me than they did in the Kroger meat department.

With Christmas approaching and it being the giving time of year, it would certainly be wonderful if every charity could spread out their “please give to me at this time of year”…..either that, or I need to learn to put aside a certain amount of money each month for the month of December.  Probably will end up being the latter of that previous statement.

Our neighbor girls are excited about Navidad approaching.  They come and go pretty much at will at our house – so I’ve really frustrated them! LOL   Have started wrapping Christmas gifts so they have no clue who they are for!  Mark said he caught Nazareth peeking in the window of the second bedroom looking at the wrapped gifts.  This is the fun part for me.  We’ve sort of adopted the two girls, Nazareth and Dylana, and their two cousins up the street from us.

Dylana will be graduating from 6th grade in mid-December.  She wants clothes for Christmas….so I will take her shopping with the stipulation that she has to act surprised when she opens her gifts!  Did that last year when I bought them shoes because I wanted them to pick out the shoes they wanted – and their expressions didn’t disappoint.  As usual, Mark has no clue what’s in the packages, so he was the most surprised!

Maricela, the girls’ mother, has been asking me for two weeks, about the arbol de Navidad…she’s quite excited about the trees, yes, trees, going up soon.  Last year was the first year the girls “had” a Christmas tree, even if it was at our house.  They spent hours helping me decorate the trees. (One inside and one on the rancho.)  And are eager to do it again this year.

Since a lot and I mean A LOT of people already have their homes decorated, I guess I’ll give in and get started with the tree decorating.  According to Mark, he needs at least a 10 day notice to get all the bins, and boxes down for this endeavor! LOL

I was going to try and wait till after Thanksgiving, but think I’ll just jump on the bandwagon and go for it!  Everyone will be happy! LOL  And that’s what it’s all about, keeping everyone happy.

One thing that is really super wonderful here, is that all ex-pats take on “being your family”.  We have so many wonderful friends here from all over.  Disney is right, it is a small world!

Pura Vida for now as I give Mark his marching orders to get the Christmas decor down.

UPDATE:  Forgot to mention that the girls and I made the 350 name tags for the Angel Tree Angels Christmas party!  They love helping me do things like that!!!


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Maricela’s cousin, Ivannia’s daughter is expecting a baby in the next 3 weeks. I was invited to the baby shower. I was absolutely flabbergasted when I arrived! The decorations were unbelievable, let alone the tables set for 150 people, family and friends.

I felt like it was a wedding!!! At one point during the shower we were all given small cups (like communion cups) for wine; I noticed everyone else sipping, so I sipped too….however, I then drank it all! I had no clue that the wine was for a “toast” to the mother and baby. So the hostesses brought me another cup, a larger one (LOL), so I was able to toast with everyone else.

Two clowns arrived and proceeded to entertain, the kids, anyway! Keep in mind all of this is in Spanish and I was able to pick out a few words….they needed to slow down to speak for the token Gringa! LOL

Baby showers in Costa Rica apparently are a huge, huge deal. Families come, yes, men included. I got tickled because the clowns were in charge of the games and were constantly seeking out men to participate in the games. It was fun and there were lots of laughs!!! Especially, when three men had to put on neon colored wigs, and then were diapered like babies by three women; then they added bibs, and bonnets….then the “babies” headed to a table with baby bottles with kool-aid in them to drink. It was hysterical!!

Another game that was played consisted of two men first blowing up balloons; sticking them under their shirts and then having to walk as a 9 month pregnant woman would walk. The guy that won was a new father of less than 6 weeks….

It last 5 hours – by then I had had enough; kids running around, lots of noise, mother-to-be opening up what seemed like a million gifts! Am sure they needed at least two vehicles to get the gifts home.

A Tica friend asked me to embroidery the days of the week bibs for a baby that will soon be born in the family.  They are nothing fancy, just plain and simple!  Can’t wait till she sees them…..

Another humid day, altho’ the weather forecast said another cool front was moving in with rain….the word cool, here, is so different than cool in the old country! LOL

Took a field trip yesterday to San Jose; we had been told the Christmas lights were a sight to see; nada, saw very few; and we were told there were lots of street vendors, very few of those too.  Altho’, I think you could buy any kind of cell phone on the street you wanted!

However, we did find a WONDERFUL department store called Universal on the pedestrian mall. Wish men had not been with us, because I could have wandered in there for hours; and they had lots and lots of Christmas things on sale!!! Makes me long for a larger house to decorate! LOL

Then we headed to an upscale Mexican restaurant – good food and fun!  It was pretty “dark” to get a good picture; however, you get to guess who ordered this as their dinner! LOL

A friend from the states requested a witch pillow case – here it is minus the pillow! Turned out quite cute, even if it is a witch!



A cousin had a baby boy mid-August and requested a sweater, black, with red or blue…..chose to do black with red.  Knitting with black is quite intimidating with old eyes!  I thought it turned out cute – decided it needed a matching hat. Then found these crocheted booties that look like high top tennies!  Hope Nicholas likes them!  I’m one second cousin behind in gifts and he turned 1 already…hang in there Austin, your turn is next.


Quick shot of just one bootie….

This Saturday is Costa Rica’s Independence Day.  Friday night there is a children’s parade, with lit lanterns that they make signifying how people got around in the dark before electricity.  We went last year and it was so cute!  Some really creative ones and then there were some purchased ones.  Reminded me of Halloween in the old country – where they are some creative homemade costumes and some purchased ones!

Pura Vida…


It’s only 77 degrees out – I’m sure within the next half hour, Mark will come in and put on socks and long pants! LOL The Wuss!


Made this baby wrap for my niece’s new baby who has yet to be born!  Due date was last Friday.  Now I need to find something to mail it in and get to the P.O.  Also finished these “surfboard/beach bum napkins this morning.  They are much cuter in real life!!

Now I’m exhausted. I guess retirement does that to you….you get so wiped out finished things that you’ve started.  Actually, I love sitting at my machine and doing the embroidery, applique, etc.

Need to find a good place in the Central Valley to shop for sewing notions tho’.  It’s very weird here because they have lots of fabric stores but that’s all they carry.  No patterns, no scissors, no thread, etc.  And until I can figure out where a “notions store” might be, I have to scrounge around and see if I brought “the stuff” with me.




Today was going to be a good day….keyword WAS.

We were invited to Frank and Delores’ to watch a parade starting at 1 p.m.  After attending the Christmas Parade and knowing how much fun it was, I/we were looking forward to this parade…..lots of horses!  All the signs posted around town said 1 p.m.  So we headed to their house and arrived a little after noon.  Walked down their loooong driveway and upppppp a big hill to the main highway through town to watch the parade.

Two o’clock came, 2:30 p.m. came.  Lots of people “tailgating” so we felt like we knew what we were doing – ie: right day, etc. Finally at 3:30 p.m., we decided to leave.

Needed to get to the grocery store and home to let the dogs out and watch WKU vs. Troy on the slingbox.

What a day it was going to be – a parade and a basketball game! Woo-Hoo…..

Couldn’t find the channel that WKU was supposed to be playing on – so now we’re 2 for 0!  No parade, no game….

So I decide to finish up a sewing project for my niece.  Only needed to sew two more rows and I couldn’t keep the darn upper thread threaded!  OK, this is now 3 for 0 on doing what was planned today.

So I turned off the machine, and decided to whine!  Yep, in the whole scheme of life, these disappointments were not a big deal, it all depends on your priorities.  Guess I need to re-think some of mine! LOL

Pura Vida

While walking through the bedroom and glancing to see what Sedona was so engrossed in, I was absolutely flabbergasted!

There is now an iphone app that new parents can download and when the baby cries and they don’t know what to do….they open the app and let the baby cry into the phone  and voila, the phone tells them what could possibly be wrong with the baby!  Can you believe this?

Perhaps if today’s parents were a tad more involved with their children and learned to parent with out a friggin’ iphone, everyone would have a little more self esteem and a feeling of accomplishment.


Isn’t this an adorable little sweater?  I just need to get it blocked now and that’s on Sunday’s agenda.

Pattern is from Sublime #617 and called Little Sorbet Cardie (page 8).  I used Sublime baby cashmere merino silk dk.

I’ve made this for a friend’s daughter that is expecting a little girl in August.  They won’t let me help with the names for little baby so I call her Ruby Belle!

While having lunch yesterday with friends and celebrating a quiet birthday, the guest of honor made a comment that her son and daughter-in-law called and wanted to give her a birthday gift on Sunday.

They arrived and the birthday girl was excited because it looked like they had gotten her a bracelet and she’s a bracelet kind of gal.

She excitedly opened the gift – and didn’t quite know what to say.  She thought it strange that they gave her a nose hair trimmer!  But after looking closely, she realized it was a positive pregnancy test! 

No one ever said I hang around smart people! LMAO

Congrats to all and here’s to a healthy pregnancy!

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