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Way back in the 60’s when I was in high school, the Beatles had just arrived.  I was the first one in the little burg we lived in to get a Ringo Starr haircut!

I’ve just made an appointment for a haircut this afternoon and told my hairdresser, “I want the Adam Lambert-do” – of course we’ll have to work the gray/white locks in to this stylish do! LOL

Those that know me….I’ll never grow up!

Dear Adam….We all know who should have won this contest; for heavens sake, it’s a singing contest!  You have proved over and over that you can sing any genre that is thrown at you!  Like one of the headlines said “Kris will win, but Adam will have the career”.  I truly believe this and certainly hope you do to.

It was so apparent that you were comfortable on stage with Kiss….and with any song.  Can’t wait for your albums to be released….I will be first in line to buy it! 

Have a wonderful life and career!

A huge fan…..Nancy

PS: I feel that I failed you because I could only get through to vote for you one time…

Last week I got through 23 times to vote for Adam Lambert.  It’s been 30 minutes since we could start voting….and I can’t get through…I’m hoping that’s a good sign.

I would really like to see Kris be runner-up.

Danny is good, but for some reason, I prefer Kris over Danny.

Go Adam, go Adam, go Adam!!!

Yesterday was a most interesting day; had lunch with a former co-worker. I must say, I miss the people not the work! DUH!

However, when I arrived home, there was a package for me in the mail from a friend that said it’s an early birthday gift. (My birthday is the end of July)  Opened the front door and there was a gift bag hanging on the door knob; a birthday gift from another friend.

Since it’s a couple of months until my birthday, I’m wondering if they know something I don’t….like I’m not going to make it until my next birthday!  OMG

So now I’m on a mission to get some stuff cleared out in case I don’t make it!  Yep, garage sale shoppers get ready for some really fantastic deals!

I swear there is nothing he can’t sing!!!  I downloaded his version of Ring of Fire….it’s so cool and very different!!!

I predict, he’s the 2009 Idol!

Today was “athletic Wednesday” for me.  Headed to the golf course for the first day of Ladies Day for 2008 and wouldn’t you know just as we were getting ready to hit the links, the rain came.

So the meeting started since we couldn’t get out to play right away; about 9 we were headed for the holes. It was a scramble – and for once I was on a good team!  I usually end up being the “A” player when in reality I’m a “B” player (this has nothing to do with bra size).  At any rate we won – with only 2 prizes being awarded.

American Idol:  Poor Jason Castro – had to feel sorry for him last night; however, I have read some articles that he’s so ready to go home – NOT! Doesn’t he realize he’s on the tour?

Health stuff: Damn, cracked another tooth; dentist not optimistic about saving it at all; used some sealant on it; but it’s not working; may have to take a pain pill tonight that he said to use sparingly.  Will start on the antibiotics Friday to ward off any infection that may or may not be there.  At any rate, I’m looking at losing another tooth!  However, this is one hole that will be visible (it’s not like I need any more holes in my head!) and he assured me he would “fill” the hole with a tooth; asked how long it would be a hole and he said “no more than a day or day and a half” – I would have thought the socket would have to heal before sticking anything up there. Oh well, he’s the dentist.

Stopped to see the friend that had endimetrial cancer to see how she was doing.  Low and behold she needs no chemo or radiation, which is good! However, 3 days after she was home, she fell down the steps at home and broke her ankle!  Can put no weight on her foot at all for 6 weeks.  Guess this is a “when it rains, it pours” situation.

Heading to another country club tomorrow to play golf – however, I’m pretty sure we’ll be rained out! Bummer!

I never miss American Idol; however, yesterday I must have had a brain fart and forgot it was Tuesday…because off to Barnes and Noble I went to knit!

From what I’ve seen on CNN, it’s time for Brooke to vanish!  I’m tired of her little pouty expressions (she’s a little old for that!)  But what I don’t understand is one other time she forgot the lyrics and was told by the judges that she did the right thing by starting over; but apparently last night Randy and Simon told her she should have never started over after forgetting the lyrics!

I think Kristie should have made it through last week and Brooke should have gone – another Jr. High pouty moment for her.  Certainly, this week she’ll be packing!

On a brighter moment, I did enjoy knitting last night – till I woke up this morning and realized I missed American Idol. LOL

Maybe I got off kilter in my thinking because hubby was home to put up a new gazebo in the backyard; silly me, didn’t realize I was his helper – we don’t normally work well together on things like this; he gets upset with me because I can’t read his mind on what he means when he’s telling me what to do! LOL

PS: I made a beer run at 11 a.m.!

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You heard it here first!  While he does have a great voice, I predict you will see him in a female impersonator show on the Vegas strip!

I was a little upset that Asia’h Epperson went home tonight – but I think she’s right – we haven’t heard the last of her!  I think Brooke and Kristy will be the next to go – not sure which order.

I’m saving my nickels and dimes to go to the Idol Tour show! Didn’t go to the 2007 show but the 2006 show was great!!!

See ya’ll there!!!!!

I can’t be the only one that thought it was funny that a Castro and Noriega were in the “line-up”.  LOL

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