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Hmmmm… I considered a FreakFlops mule?

Posted on: August 18, 2015


I am headed to KY on Sept. 1…..along with these FreakFlops for a friend.  I think I might be a FreakFlop mule. (That’s what we call having friends bring us things from the states. Only I’m taking Costa Rican things to the US.

These are so neat…..if they get dirty, just use a scrub brush to clean them up.  They come in so many different designs.

I am their favorite customer!!!

So, anyone in Bowling Green, KY, check out their Facebook page and if you want me to bring you some, just let me know which ones and what size!!!

Pura Vida…..see you soon KY.

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[…] Friday was Knit Day at Corner Bakery – they quit going to Panera’s because the service was so slow.  This place was like a Panera’s wannabe – delish sandwiches, etc.   Fun to see the old knitting group!!!  And I got to meet up with 2 people I used to work with; had to deliver those Freak Flops! […]

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