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I can’t cross the street by myself…..

Posted on: June 9, 2015

Another Amy story! LOL   She was about 2 and a half; and it was nap time. (Because Mom wanted some uninterrupted sewing time.

She was not happy about having to take a nap.  A footnote here:  I required more sleep than she did as a baby; I remember complaining to the Dr. that Amy never slept.  His comment: Well, if she’s tired, she’ll sleep standing in a corner!”

Anyway, I finally got her to lay down, after probably reading the same book 10 times.

Off I go to the little closet area I called my sewing room.  I’m sewing away and as usual time had gotten away from me.  Realized that Amy should have been awake by now.

I go check her bed, she was gone!!!!  Panic!!!!  I checked the back yard because she loved swinging on the swing set; no Amy, checked the side yard; no Amy.  By now I’m really concerned….I’m calling and she’s not answering.  Finally went out to the front of the house and looked up and down the sidewalk.  We lived in the third house from the corner.

There she was waiting at the corner to cross the street; with her blankie, a doll and one stuffed animal!!  I ran there and said, well, if truth be known, I was probably yelling!  “What are you doing and where do you think you’re going?”

She was headed to our friends, John and Joyce, that lived in the middle of the next block; why?  because they wouldn’t make her take a nap!  I grabbed her hand and we headed home; she was telling me, that she couldn’t get to John and Joyce’s because she’s not supposed to cross the street.  Lord only knows how long she was standing there.

The front door was then locked AT ALL TIMES!

Pura Vida!


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