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Posted on: June 4, 2015

When Amy was little – 3ish, she loved the program The Price is Right.  She always wanted to play The Price is Right; however, she was always, Bom (Bob) Barker.  Yep, she called him Bom Barker!!!

I can remember walking up the street about a half a block to some friends.  Amy always wanted to play The Price is Right when we went anywhere. We had good friends because they obliged her always getting to be Bom Barker.

This is when we lived in Bay City, Michigan.  From there we moved to Booneville, Missouri.  John and Joyce, friends of Bom Barker, LOL, decided to throw us a going away party.  Even inviting our parents that lived a 3 hour drive away.  I remember my Dad walking into their background, looking at me, and said “my you run with a very fertile crowd”.

And I was 8 mos. pregnant with child #2 when we moved.  I remember my first Drs. appointment then. I called and said we had just moved there and I was pregnant and needed an appointment.  The nurse said do you have any idea how far along you are?  I responded 8 months!  There must have been two minutes of silence and then she calmly said, can you come in tomorrow.

When I met the Dr. the next day, he walked into the examining room laughing.  I knew I would like him right then and there!  He said, yesterday when you called, you certainly caused a lot of commotion in the front office.  I just said well as long as everyone is on their toes, I’ll be happy!

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