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My Aunt Frances turned 100 years old!!!!

Posted on: February 17, 2015

Aunt Fran's 100th

Aunt Frances turned 100 years old!!!  Not sure if anyone else in the family has reached that distinction!

So happy that the pictures of the celebration were posted on Facebook!  See Facebook can be for good things too.

It was so great to see my 3 cousins too.  Can’t imagine how long it’s been since we’ve been together.

I can’t begin to count all the family  get-togethers that we had.  There was a picture taken with my cousins in front of their Christmas tree when they lived in Indiana. I remember that so well; The tree was on a platform above the floor with the most fabulous train set going around it; not just around the tree, because the platform was so big; included a village, etc.

Aunt Frances and Uncle Ward, John, Pete and Jane left Indiana and moved to Colorado.  They came back to Indiana and we were having a family reunion at a park in Fort Wayne, IN.  The main entree was Kentucky Fried Chicken.  Finger lickin’ good, yep!  However, some of us got food poisoning from it sitting out in the heat.  My Mom and I were the only ones that got sick in our house; Mark and I were dating and he went to the reunion with me.  He got sick too!  At that time our house only had one bathroom and all I could think of is one more person gets sick, where are they  going to throw up?  Mom and I took turns throwing up in the bathtub or the toilet. Kelly was pretty young and pretty upset that we were sick.  Every time we went in the bathtub, she would say to Dad, “they will get better” only it was asked more like a question.  We always refer to that time as the time we got Kentucky Fried Fever!!

Others from the reunion got sick too.  Dad waited a days to call Aunt Fran’s house to see if they had gotten sick.  My Uncle Ward told him “Yep, it was the cheapest trip back to Colorado because all they had to buy was Pepto Bismol.”

Such great fond family  memories!

Sue, thanks so much for posting this….and…..

A Happy 100th Birthday to Aunt Frances!


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Thanks for posting, Nancy. What a lovely lady, pretty in pink!

Some great family times with my cousins. Thanks.

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