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Renewed our drivers’ licenses – EASY PEASY!

Posted on: July 7, 2014

Left about 9 a.m. this morning to drive to San Ramon to renew our drivers’ licenses. San Ramon is higher up in the mountains and it was much cooler; am sure if we lived there, we would wear long pants and long sleeves sometimes.

We went with our Passports, copies of our Passports, and our medico number from the physicals we needed; there are all kinds of medical places within 2 blocks of where you renew your license if you are inclined to wait till you get there. And there are men everywhere to direct you if you can’t figure it out!

Went into the “banco” at the top of the hill; paid 6 mil ($12) each and then walked down the steep hill to see le jefe (the boss) to get the process started.

Waited about 10 minutes because le jefe must have known the man in his office at the time because they were chatting away and having a great time.

Finally he came and motioned for Mark and I to come into his office. After exchanging pleasantries, a must in this country, he got down to work. Basically just pulled up the info from the medical report, and info from our old license, changed the number on our licenses’ from the passport number to our cedula number; then we went out into a room; sat for a few minutes and were called in for picture taking!

We were back in Atenas by 11: 30 a.m.

It really is a Pura Vida day!


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