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Decided to celebrate my birthday the whole month of July!

Posted on: July 4, 2014

Woke up on July 1 with birthday greetings from my alma mater, Western Michigan University.  The football coach wished “me” birthday greetings even tho’ my birthday isn’t till July 31!  I’m figuring everyone from WKU with a birthday in July got the same greeting.  I am not a US football fan, so the “excitement” of him doing it was lost on me. Had it been the basketball coach, I would have been giddy with glee!!!

So I just decided at my age, I will celebrate ALL month!

I found some water fountains that I liked on Pinterest and Mark thought he could make one for me.  Off we went to Salitral (I think that’s spelled right), to the pottery place.  After looking around for awhile, Mark spotted this ready made fountain.  Then he said “do you like this ready made one? – not sure I can make it for less”.  So after much discussion he said “it’s your birthday present”.  And it was at that point that I decided, what the heck…..celebrate the month of July with a bang up deal on the 31st!

Had to include the video of Diva Sofi walking through, even tho’ you couldn’t hear the fountain; so another video up close (and yes, Bunky, the wrong way!) but you can hear the fountain.


So far, it has not made me want to go to the bathroom! It’s a soothing sound….maybe I need mosquito netting and I could sleep on the rancho listening to that instead of Dan Patrick radio on the internet!

Happy Birthday month to my friends, Dra. Victoria and Loretta Gooding!!! They also have a July 31 birthday. I would suggest you guys celebrate all month too….after all, they say life is short!

Feliz Cumpleanos!

Pura Vida!


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Love the fountain and the story – happy birthday month!!

Well, being a Michigan Chick too (born and raised on a dairy farm in Capac) and having a July 31 birthday as well, I too celebrate mine for the whole month! You see July was my favorite month because it was the ONLY month that was reasonably warm in Michigan (I hate cold and snow!) and the grand finally day was my birthday. I have a friend here in Atenas that is also a July 31 baby. I say we form a birthday club and celebrate together!

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