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A letter to Paypal…..

Posted on: June 11, 2014

Dear Paypal…..

I live in Costa Rica; it is in Central America; it is part of the real world!!!

I’m wondering how many merchants that use Paypal are aware that they may say “ship worldwide”; but when I try to purchase something and have it shipped to Costa Rica, I get a notice saying “Paypal doesn’t ship to this country”.

First of all Paypal, you aren’t shipping anything; you’re just collecting the money; but to top it off, I can’t even put it on a credit card because “Paypal doesn’t ship to this country”.

And yes, I have money in a Paypal account and would love to be able to spend it; but again, “Paypal doesn’t ship to this country.”

I’m going to start notifying the merchants that even tho’ they ship worldwide, Paypal won’t accept the order… saying “Paypal doesn’t ship to this country.”

Again, just what is Paypal shipping?

This has happened twice today….and yep, I notified both merchants!


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