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Finally found the shoes I was looking for…..

Posted on: February 25, 2014

I have spent at least 30 hours, yes, 30 hours looking for a pair of Hi-Tec sandals on the internet to replace the ones that are worn out!  Apparently, no one, at any website that carries these type of sandals had a size 6 in stock.

Went to town this morning and look what I found in the shoe store across from Casa Blanca!  Made me such a happy camper….so I’m absolutely positive, these are the only size 6’s  in the world!  And I found them in little ole Costa Rica!!!  And they were the same color as the old ones were…..Is this a great country or what?  Pura Vida!newshoes


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which pair of shoes are new and which pair are “worn” out”? the only difference I see is one is dirty and one is not. objectivity or justification?

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