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Finally made it to an “organized” Beach Day

Posted on: February 23, 2014

Since we’ve lived here, WOW, almost three years ago, we’ve been getting emails about going to Beach Day.  Finally, we went to one that was held at Pelicano Resort in Esterillos Este; an hour and a half to a two hour drive because of Saturday traffic.

It was unbelievable!!!  There were about 30 people that ventured there from San Ramon, Grecia and Atenas; and some people even brought their 4 legged friends!

beachI love that the beaches are tree lined because believe me, that sun is HOT, HOT, HOT!!!

Mark and I  walked out to the water – it’s quite a ways because the tide was out. We were very happy we had on flip flops – the sand was unbelievably hot – as it came over the top of the flip flops, it burned your toes.

A lady from Canada decided to walk to the water with NOTHING on her feet.  As she got maybe 20 ft. from the shaded sand, she began to scream, it’s burning my feet, help me!  A friend threw her some flip flops as she was headed back to the shade and she ignored those. So she kept walking and screaming.

She kept screaming the skin is burning off my feet and was she ever right!!!  I’m wondering if maybe she had neuropathy and it took awhile for her to realize the sand was burning her feet.  She kept saying, “I’m from Canada and the sand doesn’t get that hot!”  She actually had black spots on the bottom of her feet.

The resort was bringing her bags of ice and cold water to hopefully help stop the pain….a worker there even picked an aloe plant, but she kept screaming, “it’s burning, it’s burning”.  Come to find out ice is the worst thing to use, just tap water or cool water.   The aloe didn’t even help her.

Finally the ambulance came, Cruz Roja, and they were going to take her to some clinic, not sure where.  There was also talk about taking her to the hospital in Grecia where she was either vacationing or living.  At any rate, her vacation, if it was a vacation is ruined….last I heard she was trying to find a wheel chair, poor lady.

Back to Beach Day…..they had a grill set up and cooked beach side or you could go to the restaurant and order lunch.

We had a great day – but you know after you’ve been to the beach, there’s just something that makes you exhausted!  I took a nap after we got home late afternoon!

I will also be shopping for beach chairs to take to the next one!!!

What’s really nice is there are people there if you want to talk, if you want to read everyone respects that… was just a nice day!!!

Can’t wait till the next one!

Pura Vida…..and remember, at least flip flops are needed when you’re walking at the beach!!!




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Good advice! What’s the average temperature over there?

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