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Our car actually has A/C!!!

Posted on: January 26, 2014

For probably a couple of months now, I’ve been telling Mark that something is wrong with the A/C in the car…..and of course, this falls on deaf ears, because it’s just “me”.

Well a week ago, Mark had the oil changed in the car and while waiting he  was thumbing through the car manual….please keep in mind that our car manual is in Korean, NOT English or Spanish.

Since I don’t think he reads Korean, he must have come upon an illustration that indicated that there is a filter for the A/C….in the glove compartment.

He said it was packed with dirt….we live on a dirt road…doesn’t surprise me it was full because I was sure something was wrong with the A/C.

The first time I drove the car after getting the filter “blown” out, I could tell a significant difference in just backing the car out of the drive-way.

Those clever Koreans and their illustrations!

At any rate, it’s wonderful now….and I even don’t have to have the A/C on the highest setting…..

Pura Vida…..


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