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I went to the Mother of all Baby Showers!

Posted on: September 16, 2013

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Maricela’s cousin, Ivannia’s daughter is expecting a baby in the next 3 weeks. I was invited to the baby shower. I was absolutely flabbergasted when I arrived! The decorations were unbelievable, let alone the tables set for 150 people, family and friends.

I felt like it was a wedding!!! At one point during the shower we were all given small cups (like communion cups) for wine; I noticed everyone else sipping, so I sipped too….however, I then drank it all! I had no clue that the wine was for a “toast” to the mother and baby. So the hostesses brought me another cup, a larger one (LOL), so I was able to toast with everyone else.

Two clowns arrived and proceeded to entertain, the kids, anyway! Keep in mind all of this is in Spanish and I was able to pick out a few words….they needed to slow down to speak for the token Gringa! LOL

Baby showers in Costa Rica apparently are a huge, huge deal. Families come, yes, men included. I got tickled because the clowns were in charge of the games and were constantly seeking out men to participate in the games. It was fun and there were lots of laughs!!! Especially, when three men had to put on neon colored wigs, and then were diapered like babies by three women; then they added bibs, and bonnets….then the “babies” headed to a table with baby bottles with kool-aid in them to drink. It was hysterical!!

Another game that was played consisted of two men first blowing up balloons; sticking them under their shirts and then having to walk as a 9 month pregnant woman would walk. The guy that won was a new father of less than 6 weeks….

It last 5 hours – by then I had had enough; kids running around, lots of noise, mother-to-be opening up what seemed like a million gifts! Am sure they needed at least two vehicles to get the gifts home.

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