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Do you loan money on

Posted on: September 10, 2013

About 5 years ago, I discovered (not that I founded it, LOL) the organization, where you can lend money to people in other countries to help keep their businesses going and growing, for farmers to buy livestock or plants, for artists to purchase supplies; for people to add on to their homes, or just about any other reason.

Because I love doing knitting, handcrafts, etc., I have chosen to help those in need to purchase supplies to keep their art going. I have loaned money to weavers, to spinners, craftsmen, seamstresses, etc. – all over the world!!!

I’ve “invested” a total of $251 (my outlay) and today I received notification, I had more money available to lend.

In total, I’ve loaned $1,525! From that initial $251! I just keep the repayments rolling over.

I would like to challenge anyone reading this, to please check out and see what it’s all about!
Yes, you can start out with just a $25 loan….you can read about the person, or groups, you are loaning to.

If only there was a way to purchase some of the things that the people are making!!!

Pura Vida from Costa Rica

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I tried to make a loan to the problem is, as mentioned above, has chosen only paypal to process the money to make the loans. I tried to put in my current phone number here in CR, only petty paypal didn’t like the format. Since you have a history w/, please write to them and get the org. to expand it’s funding mechanism. this is a great organization and I would love to participate. but I can’t stand paypal and avoid it like the flu. thanks. gk

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