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Lots of errands accomplished today

Posted on: August 6, 2013

When we first moved to Costa Rica, we were advised/warned/told that if we had a list of things to get accomplished in one day, if we were able to mark off one item, we should consider it a successful day!

Today we were able to accomplish A LOT!

Sofi and Derby were headed to their day of beauty with Stephanie; got them to her house and that only left us with one dog in the car. Sedona needed to go the vet for a check up on her nose, which has healed nicely.

After dropping off the “diva dogs”, we went to the ATM…..then the Post Office…..then to pay for our WIFI…..then to Centro Farmacia…..then to Coope – Mark needed to re-charge his cell phone; I stayed with Sedona in the car because we had the car parked in the shade….it was wonderful! Then I went in to the grocery – only two check-outs were open but they were filled with people with full carts – I think I waited longer in line to gather the few things I was buying.

Then we headed to wait for the dogs to be finished….since we were close to Mike and Joni’s, we stopped there because I needed to go to the bathroom. DUH!

Stephanie called and the dogs were ready; picked them up and called in a take-out order of Arroz con Pollo at Antano’s; home now, have eaten lunch and ready for my first nap of the day!

I don’t think we should have accomplished all those errands in one day….LOL

Pura Vida from Paradise!


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lol so true! getting one thing done here in CR is a BIIGG accomplishment lol… might be the beach distraction..!

and the naps… lol i just can’t get enough!

I stumbled across your blog and its great!

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