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Dylana is enrolled in English class in Atenas, Costa Rica

Posted on: June 29, 2013

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Quite awhile back Maricela came to us and explained that Dylana has been invited to take an English class through the San Rafael Collegio.  As you would expect they didn’t have the money for her to do this….since we’ve had a fair amount of visitors that have met the girls, I sent out an email to my friends asking for $5.00 to help out. WOW!  Within 3 days,  we had enough collected….getting her enrolled has been another challenge.

Finally, there was an opening!  I took Dylana, Maricela and Nazareth this morning to get her enrolled.  Here they are on the steps where she’ll be attending classes starting on Saturday for 6 months.  She is so excited about this and couldn’t contain her infectious smile!  Today’s fee was $16.00 and it will be $10 for each month.  I was amazed at the amount of people there signing up….all ages!



A very, very big Thank You to all that helped this girl enhance her education.  Her last report card cracked us up because she had a higher grade in English than she did in Spanish.

Pura Vida!


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