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Found a great sewing/embroidery machine repair shop in Alajuela, Costa Rica.

Posted on: June 27, 2013

About a month or so ago, my sewing/embroidery machine started acting up; not all the time, just every once in awhile; it seemed to be only when I was using a USB for embroidering.  Then this week,  the light bulb went off and I thought, why not try a design that came with the machine.  It didn’t work either.

So after much researching on the internet, we ( yep, had to get the husbter involved in finding this), found some machine repair shops that worked on Brother sewing machines; my machine is a Babylock Ellisimo, which is the same as the Brother Quattro.

Pat, one of our friends that is fluent in Spanish, made the call for us to see if they worked on my type of machine.  It was a yes and it will be diagnosed while you are there.

So today, we headed to Alajuela (there is one in San Jose, also) to check it out.

When we walked into this shop, we were both astounded at what we saw.  Seems like every machine imagineable was there!  From basic sewing machines to fancy embroidery machines with many needles, to sergers, etc.

We were promptly taken to a table to put the machine on so I could show “the Dr.” what the problem was.  I set up the machine, and started embroidering on it and you should have seen the crowd of people that work in there come to check out the “el grande maquina”…..I looked at Mark and said “perhaps I should give classes!”


This is a picture of the store front – the repair shop is also located there – and get this, there is a Singer repair shop that’s attached to the repair shop – so it’s a 3 – stop place!  And quite easy to locate also.

LaBobina2The “machine doctor” says it looks like you have a virus and it needs to go to the electronic dept. which he will take care of .

It was just unbelievable seeing all the machines they had available for sale.  There were all kinds of parts available in the display cases….Mark says he wishes auto mechanics carried such an inventory here!

At any rate, we both felt a sigh of relief when we walked in and I had no qualms about leaving it.  Now to wait for it to be repaired.  I will most likely be in the states when that happens, but call me Miss Pollyanna, I’m holding out for sooner, rather than later.

They had extra hoops for sale, all kinds of scissors, glue guns, glue sticks, thread, lots and lots of thread.

They also had 3 machines for sale called The Butterfly….from China, of course. However, the machines looked like old Singer machines and were even in wooden sewing machine cases/tables for around $300.  I made the comment that I’m almost tempted to buy one of those so I’m not without a sewing machine!  I should have taken a picture of his face and the look I got….it was one of those priceless moments!

Then we headed to Jalepenos – Normans in Alajuela for a great lunch.

Pura Vida for now – I’m a really happy camper having found La Bobina!


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Thank you for your post about the sewing machine repair shop. I need to go there, so would you please tell me the name of the shop and directions. Thank you so much. Nancy Bennett

La Bobbina, take hyway from airport and up into Alajuela, after you pass square, turn left, go 2 blocks, turn right, 2 blocks, look for yellow building on left. If you get to soccer field on left, you have missed it.
Park and walk back half a block

Hi- I live in the Santa Ana area ad have a problem with my (very very basic) brother machine. The tension is all off and I can’t seem to fix it myself.
Anyhow- I was wondering if you were happy with the work at La Bobina- was it expensive? Or if you knew of another repair shop closer to Santa Ana? Thanks so much!

There are several La Bobina’s in the area. Just google them. Yes, it was expensive – $500 – they had to send it to the “electronics place” – said the machine had a virus. And I’m kind of thinking I might have paid a “gringo price”. Pura VIda! Good luck!

What is the name of these shops both in san jose and allujuell? Im looking for a new machine

The name of the shops are LaBobina;

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