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I am the luckiest person in Costa Rica!

Posted on: April 20, 2013

Some friends, Frances and Peggy, went to Nicaragua last week for a few days of R & R and to feed the street dogs and to put flea and tick stuff on them.  Frances has Animal Lighthouse Rescue in Atenas.

When they returned, I got a text from her saying she brought home a Momma and two babies and one of the babies was for me! When do you want to come get her? My panic mode goes into gear because Mark has been adamant about saying “NO MORE DOGS”!

Sofi had an appointment with Dr. Douglas on Friday so I decided we would go after that.  Mark was not interested in going!

I called after Sofi was done and we headed out to Frances’.

We were greeted with a chorus from all her dogs – not sure how many she has right now, must be at least 10! Sofi is not usually intimidated, but she is when she goes there! LOL  She doesn’t want to get down and is content to be held the whole time.

After a little bit of talking, Frances said, “well, come meet your new baby.”  So we went to the garden area of their front door and lo and behold, look what was waiting for me.

Mollie the giraffe

Frances had purchased a large Momma giraffe and two babies and one of the babies was mine!  I got goosebumps, a lump in my throat, could have shed tears…..all over this giraffe!!!  I so need a fix of visiting some live ones! LOL  It’s been cloudy the last couple of days so I don’t have picture of Mollie, my new giraffe, in sunlight!  Maybe tomorrow.

I have the best friends in the world!!!  She said when she saw it, she knew she had to bring it to me….I am so happy with her.  She said people would look strange at their vehicle because one of the giraffes was looking out the window!!!  Said there were lots of smiles and waves on their way home.

Maricela, Dylana and Nazareth will absolutely go crazy when they see her!!!

Thank you so much Frances….you’re the best!

Pura Vida from “giraffe manor”.




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Oooooh, i knew you do like girafes

Glad you’re so happy with your new baby!

Glad youl like it Nancy. It just screamed “NANCY” at me when I saw it. 🙂

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