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Going to Goa? Go In Off Season and Save

Posted on: April 4, 2013

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Our friends Bill and Sandy just returned from a humongous trip that included Singapore and India and Bali and Australia.

Don’t know about you, but just thought of planning for such a long trip – they were gone for about 8-9 weeks!  I would have to plan now

if I wanted to take my dream trip to Giraffe Manor in Africa.

I’m not sure if they went to Goa, India, but if they didn’t it was one of the few places they didn’t visit on their latest and longest trip. I bet they did visit because even though Goa is the smallest of the India states, they have a huge amount of tourism because of the beautiful beaches ancient Portuguese churches and more.

Portuguese? Yes, because Goa was an outpost in India for almost 500 years!

Sounds fascinating. I’ll be looking in Bill and Sandy’s photo slideshow to see if I can spot a Goa landmark.


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