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What a glorious yesterday

Posted on: March 29, 2013

Once or twice a month we get together with two other couples, Mike and Joni and Pat and John for an afternoon of cards, following lunch. Yesterday was that day!!!  I’m always impressed how other people “cook” and make delicious things, because my love of that is so “over”!

“I’ll Buy That” card game is always fun and a cause for some good ribbing!!!  Yesterday was no different!  Retirement is all about friends getting together for good times and a LOT of laughs.

Mark chose to walk into town because he knew I’d be coming along in the car.  He made it almost to Kay’s before I happened upon him.  He looked beat!!!  For those that know where we live, this was a great accomplishment!!!  But I will also add, he was very happy I came along when I did.

While we were playing cards, Sebastian called and asked us to come to his house for pizza last evening.  He has the cutest little girls.  The youngest isn’t a year old yet, very big brown eyes and always has a serious look on her face, till you stick a camera in her face and she just grins! It was so funny!  (Picks are on facebook)

Delicious salad with a dressing concoction of his; great pizza and 2 bottles of wine later, we headed home.

I was so looking forward to watching IU play basketball; what a friggin’ disappointment!  But I’m sure the team is even more disappointed than I am.  Sad to see their season end.

But the best part of the day, I spent no time in the kitchen!!!! Living in Costa Rica is just Pura Vida!



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As we sat outside at Sebastian and Dianna’s house their family cows wandered up and stuck their noses through the fence within inches of Nancy’s head. NEVER thought I would see the day when she got excited over cows! It WAS a fun day for sure… but I was beat and in bed early.

are the fires over yeat?

Hopefully me and my husband will be able to find some people to play cards with, too. We love Canasta! We just moved to Costa Rica a few weeks ago and we’re trying to find a place to live. I’m glad I ran across your website and read so many positive things about Costa Rica.

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