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Need a Tutor In New York City?

Posted on: March 13, 2013

Check it out.

I was buzzing around the innerwebs looking for a Spanish tutor or another online course and ran across this site offering tutors in NYC.

I’m impressed.

99% of their customers are satisfied. I bet they are all young ‘uns.

But with a money back guarantee on unused tutoring hours what the hey. Maybe I can entice them to take a trip to Costa Rica and stay with me for a few weeks. If they are hanging around the house, they would be harder to ignore than the books we have laying around.

The even offer Alphabetic Test Prep… you know the LSMFT stuff. (Are you old enough to remember that? – Lucky Strike Means Fine Tobacco.)

If our kids were interested in advanced placement classes, I sure would encourage them to go online for their studies. Mark watched a TED talk about the Kahn Academy and we are pretty convinced that education today has it backwards. Students need to study and home and do their homework in school where the teacher can help them, rather than the other way around.

At any rate, I’m still committed to learning Espanol. Maybe I need to have Mark teach me how to use the international keyboard so I can at least WRITE it properly.


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