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CBS Survivor Meets Wall Street Survivor

Posted on: March 12, 2013

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Mark is a huge fan of the CBS hit Survivor. He’s now trying to be a Wall Street Survivor. He’s knows that he’ll never make in on a deserted beach with some twenty somethings cavorting in their skivvies and bra tops.

So he plays games online where nobody can see him and pass judgement. 

He’s starting playing Wall Street Survivor. He’s taking their fake cash and investing in it real companies and watching how he does in real time.

He says it’s “educational” and will help us avoid the fiscal cliff that is looming just around the corner.

He used to take pride in his Baby Boomer Portfolio:

  • Altria – cancer sticks
  • Novartic – cancer drugs
  • Zimmer – joint replacement
  • Carnival – cruise ships
  • Quest Diagnostics – finding out what ails us
  • Allergan – botox, baby!
  • VCA Antec – keeping your pooch and pussy happy
  • Kraft – Cheez Whiz and Mac and Cheese, retirement food

So we’ll see how that portfolio does in the game.

As long as it’s free and he doesn’t risk our real cash, I’m OK with it.

Actually, I’m thinking of signing up too and challenging him. I bet I can do better. Whaddya think? Maybe we will set up a league.

Right after March Madness that is.

Gotta have priorities right?

Go Tops!

Go Hoosiers!

Tops = first team out; Hoosiers = NCAA Champions.




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