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Another adventure in Costa Rica

Posted on: February 4, 2013

Last Thursday, Shirley, Clara and I went on an adventure.  We headed to Multi-Plaza because “Mama needed a new pair of shoes”.

Was beginning to think I was going to be out of luck, when we happened upon a “sport’s type” store. Wandered in and voila, found almost exactly what I had in mind!!!  And they had them in my size…..had found some at the Clark’s store, but honestly, I do not pay $135 for shoes, EVER!

Now that I’ve worn them for a few days, they are so comfortable.  Found them in a store in Atenas, however, the soles are thinner….I guess as one ages, one needs more support in the foot department – along with other body parts – more support, I mean!  Obviously, I should have taken a pic of them before my “big toe” stained them.



I’m happy, my feet are happy! Pura Vida!


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