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Nativity Scene can now be taken down – Costa Rica

Posted on: January 24, 2013

Maricela asked us to go to her mother’s house last night for ………..never could figure out what she was talking about!

So about 7 p.m. Mark and I trudged up the hill to her mother’s house – smacking my forehead because I can’t remember her name! DUH!

As we were arriving, a car with 4 men in it was arriving; they each had a guitar and one had an accordian.  There were lots of people that had already arrived.

Unfortunately, we did not take a camera. Bummer!!!

It was some kind of ceremony signifying that Navidad was over and the nativity scene could be put away for another year. A priest was there to perform this, one of the guitar players.  The four men faced the nativity scene and began playing their instruments, singing and the Padre was saying whatever it is he was supposed to say.  Mark, Tonya and I were the only clueless people in the room.

After about an hour of this, the ceremony was over.  Then the food started…..yum!  Homemade bread, tortillas, and the wonder “potato hash”!

Then the musicians began playing and the kids began dancing.  Nazareth cannot stand still when there is music!!  This child desperately needs to be in a dance class….she has rhythm from the tips of her toes to the top of her head! Her mother convinced her to get me to dance with her…..what an uproar from the crowd; then Maricela convinced Mark to dance, and another uproar erupted.

It was so much fun!!!

Maricela is having a ceremony like this next week at her house!  Oh boy!!!

We will have cameras this time.

When we were walking home, Mark said, remember when we did our due diligence tour here and we were told we would never be invited to a Tico’s house…..well, I think it all depends on the person!  We’ve been invited to Maricela’s many times and now to her mother’s…..

We had so much fun…..Tico’s know how to have fun!!!  We can never thank them enough for including us…

Pura Vida

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I love this! You have shown so much love to Maricela and her family that it’s only natural that they would show it back. And they are wise- it doesn’t matter ifyou’re Tico or gringo. Friends are friends.

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