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A new kind of massage in Atenas, Costa Rica

Posted on: January 13, 2013

I’ve been going to BerGlioth (don’t ask for a pronunciation!) for massages and been very happy, happy, happy!

Have even had foot detoxing done a couple of times. The stuff coming out of your feet is just plain disgusting.  I’m going to do that whenever I’ve been on antibiotics.  The first time it was so gross and the second time was not as bad. Probably should have done it a third time.  ($7,500 colones)

Dyanna had been talking to me about a Hot Stone Infrared Thermal massage.  My first thought, is I’m so friggin’ hot without adding any heat that I don’t think I could do it.  But I gave in and gave it a try!

You lay down on this bed with a covering, in your clothes.  Let me clarify, you are not covered with anything but your clothing.  There’s a scooped out part for your “tush”, and a place to put your feet.  It’s like a pedicure chair with the massage in the back only you are lying down.

I did ask for a fan to be put in there, but the heat was just sort of “warm”.  Needed a little music and I’ll request that the next time. LOL

Starts at your heels, goes up your calves; starts at your neck and slowly rolls down to your hip bones.  The first couple of times it really hurt the hip bones and I wondered if I would be able to get up out of the bed, let alone walk!  After I got used to it, it felt so good!

The benefits of this type of massage is for relaxing (yes, it works!) and aligns the spinal column.  I felt so relaxed – nothing hurt. Kept saying to myself, I wonder if I’ll be like this in the morning. Voila! I was!!!

I have neck problems and it really relieved them.

For a 45 minutes massage of this type, the cost is 5,000 colones!  I think I need to schedule another one soon!

The phone number for BerGlioth is 2455-0107 – ask for Dyanna.  Tell her Nancy sent you – and NO, I get nothing for referring you!

By the way, a regular massage is 15,000 colones.

May you have a relaxing, Pura Vida day!


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