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Another adventure in San Jose, CR

Posted on: January 9, 2013

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Delores sent me a copy of a blog bragging about this wonderful fabric place in San Jose.  Within a couple days an adventure was formed….Delores, Lee, Robin and I set off to find this wonderful domain.

We actually found the place pretty quickly.  However, the warehouse was gone and the best we could figure out, you were to “order” fabric and it was pretty much drape, furniture fabric, etc.

GPS was no help in finding another fabric shop!

Robin suggested we go to the San Pedro Mall.  After Lee kept plugging it in the GPS and nothing would come up, she tried putting in Mall San Pedro and voila we had the directions. Still not adept at putting nouns before adjectives.

It was the first time I’ve driven in San Jose! YIKES!  But I think I must have done fairly well because there were no gasps from any of the riders!

We drove through the edge of  “the new China town”….nice streets, go figure!

Arrived at the mall – many stories.  There was even a medical kiosk where you could purchase dental tools and stethoscopes, etc.  Haven’t seen that before in a mall.

Then we came upon the shop of all shops!

sex shop


I’m sure I wasn’t supposed to take a picture but No habla Espanol can come in handy sometimes! LOL  Alas, it wasn’t needed.  But I did send the picture to Mark and told him we had made a detour from fabric to this shop! LOL

4 floors or more to this mall; and a food court on each floor.  The things that I happened to look at seemed to be cheaper than Multi Plaza, but then again, who isn’t cheaper!

We did stop at Multi Plaza on our way home…..always a must to stop at Cemaco.

Left at 9:15 a.m. and didn’t get back till 5ish….and of course, I was too tired to cook! LOL  So actually, I didn’t get home till 8:30 ish.

Fell into bed and of course, realized this morning that we missed the new episode of Justified – thank heavens it’s recorded!

Adventures abound in Costa Rica – 4 women leave with fabric on their minds and never saw a bolt of fabric all day! But we sure made a great adventure for ourselves.

Being able to adapt is all about living in Costa Rica.  Being retired helps, I think.  Because, it doesn’t matter if you achieve what you started out to do, but being able to make an adventure out of it, is what counts.

Pura Vida!

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