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Friends are in the wild blue yonder, heading to the old country from Costa Rica

Posted on: November 10, 2012

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We took Joanne and Velma to the airport this morning to catch their flight to Orlando; and then they fly on to Nashville.  Sure hope they make it.  It was going to be a tight squeeze between their original flight and their connecting flight.

They ended up “borrowing” a suitcase of ours because of all the purchases! LOL

It was a fun time but I am truly exhausted!  Spanish class for today was re-scheduled for tomorrow at 10 a.m. – sure hope I’m up in time for it! LOL

Visiting us is so different than staying at a resort; you actually get “the feel” of living like a Tico (Costa Rican).  We ate out a lot, saw a lot, shopped a lot, and we were able to introduce them to a lot of our friends.

They decided to get rid of all the colones coins and gave them to Dylana and Nazareth! They were excited –  Dylana ran into their house and immediately wrote a thank you note! They are such sweet girls….won’t be long and they’ll be helping me trim the Christmas trees!

When we arrived home from the airport, all three dogs ran around looking for Joanne and Velma!  They’ve walked around with forelorn faces ever since.  Poor babies.

I love, love, love when our friends visit – but it’s really sad for me because I know it will be a long time till we see each other again.  Scheduled a massage for myself on Tuesday – so I have something to look forward to and enjoy! LOL

Can’t decide if the December winds have arrived early or not – but I was able to get 2 washer loads of towels dry and a set of sheets!  I try to NOT use the dryer unless it’s a necessity.

Mechanic had to go to San Jose to get a special wrench because he couldn’t get the tire off the car to see what the actual problem is….some people get to dream of sugar plums….we’re dreaming of dollar signs, er, I should say, colones signs!

They should be landing in Orlando about now!  Such a beautiful day to fly – lots of sun and no rain clouds – at least so far here anyway.

I know they’ll both be happy to arrive home!

Velma had an excellent experience at the dentist at Denta-Vac!  I’m sure she’ll share it with all of you.

Pura Vida for now!



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