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Cars and Friends: 1 means fun and the other means trouble – only in Costa Rica

Posted on: November 8, 2012

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I’ve had a wonderful time with friends being here.  Have re-visited places to show Velma and Joanne and it’s brought back fond memories of when other friends have visited! Ahhhh, good times.  Friends mean the fun times!

Then there’s the friggin’ vehicle!!!  Old Bessie basically died on us when Terri visited.  The “new vehicle”, that is still nameless, has been excellent up to yesterday.  Noticed a sound coming from the rear end….headed home from Sarchi; Mark immediately took it back into town to visit the mechanic.  Supposed to get a call back today around 10:00 a.m.; please keep your fingers crossed that it won’t be major or cost too many colones to repair!

Velma was supposed to go back to the dentist today – Joni offered to drive her there because she wants to know where it is; her fee for doing this is some Hagen Daz ice cream!….which happens to be located fairly close to the dentist!  So, we’ll be headed to Escazu this afternoon.

Yesterday we visited Sarchi and the Oxcart Factory – I’ve taken so many visitors there that I think I’m going to start asking for a kick back! LOL

Poor Joanne – signed up for international calling while in the states….oops!  She got a text from AT&T this morning that she has incurred $250 worth of roaming charges!  YIKES!!! Her phone is now turned off!

Tomorrow we’ll go to the Feria where Gabriel from the organic coffee farm is getting me some raw peanuts.  Then I’ll fry the peanuts – pop some popcorn and mix the two together and pretend that I’m back at Terri’s eating her famous peanut/popcorn snack!

Then Joanne and Velma have massages scheduled for the afternoon.  Joanne wants to go back to Antano’s for another meal!  Hope you’ll be there Yaddi! (Big Grin!)

Hate thinking that their visit is coming to an end on Saturday.  It’s been fun….except for the damn car!  Actually, keep your fingers crossed that our car is back by then.

The sun has been a tad slow on coming out this morning; but it looks like the clouds are clearing and it will be another wonderful day in the neighborhood.

Friday morning Maricela is coming to fix breakfast for us! YUMMY! Great day to start the day!!!

Pura Vida!


Joanne just came back from a walk down the road.  She saw a man at the bus stop and since she can’t speak Spanish, she tried using sign language! LOL  Gotta love my friends!




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