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Even in Costa Rica, some things never change

Posted on: October 11, 2012

While the hubster was in FL playing “nurse” while Amy healed, I left him with these parting words….I’ll try not to make too many changes to the house.

The first two weeks he was gone, it seemed like all I did was run here, run there, between dental appointments and medical appointments, I would fall into bed at night exhausted, lying there thinking, well, that’s another day I got nothing accomplished.

A friend had had some painting done. Mark painted the original bathroom in the house a bright yellow – yes, I picked out the paint. However, it was way too bright and since it reminded me of the sun, I was always extremely hot in that bathroom. So she tried to hook me up with the painter.  Then Mark decided to come home much earlier than we anticipated. Panic set in because I had already purchased the paint!

One thing led to another and the recommended painter didn’t work out – ie: always cancelling.  So being the inventive person that I am, I decided to ask Maricela if she knew a painter.  She says Luiz, her husband.  Keep in mind this on Monday and Mark arrives home on Tuesday.  I asked when and she said right now he was just working temporarily….so she called him and he said if I picked him up around 10 a.m. where he was working, he could do it that day.  Then he called back and said “make it 11”.

She reminded me it was 11 and to go get Luiz – nicknamed Cuko!  He came right in and got to work!  It’s a small bathroom and he was done with 2 coats within a little less than 4 hours – cost was $12!

With Mark gone I didn’t have a stocked kitchen of food and felt I should offer them lunch.  Cuko ate his lunch between coats of paint! LOL  I found hotdogs and fixed those with chips and salsa.  Get this, Cuko ate his hotdog cold, in a bun, with all the condiments on top!  Seriously!!!  I can eat a cold hotdog but not in a bun with condiments….EEEUUUUWWWW.

Mark arrived home on Tuesday as I said previously.  No mention of the difference in the bathroom.  Finally, late Wednesday afternoon, he’s in the utility room and finds the gallon of paint.  Comes into the kitchen, my least favorite room of the house till my friend Joni says if you have an argument with your spouse, as long as you are in the kitchen, YOU ARE RIGHT!

He says “did you buy a gallon of paint to make something for the wedding?”  Now, where he came up with that I’ll never know!  So I said no!  Then he kept badgering me about that damn gallon of paint. Finally, I said, I had the bathroom painted while you were gone.  In he stomps to the bathroom and says, oh no you didn’t…..I painted it!  Then I calmly said and it never got finished because you expected me to do the trim and paint behind the toilet.  I’ve decided I’m retired from trim painting!

So again, I calmly said, you painted it yellow!  Then he says, no I painted it white.  Then I said , but the walls are now a light blue!  So then a discussion began on what color he painted it.

Moving along, then he says, well he got paint on the ceiling….again I calmly said that is there to cover the yellow you slopped on the ceiling!

You just gotta love a man that has no clue what is going on or what he has done! LOVE IT!

Then he started in, you didn’t need a gallon.  Then I tried to remind him that he had me get a quart when he was painting it yellow….then another quart…..and he wasn’t sure there was enough left for me to do the trim!

If I ever get my sewing room situated, I want to paint one wall of it this pretty light, cool feeling blue.

Some things never change! Big sigh….

Pura Vida from a warm, sunny Costa Rica!




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nancy, I do know if I read ur comments, I’ll have a smile, good fun

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