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Another great adventure today with friends in Costa Rica

Posted on: October 4, 2012

Isabelle decided to take a trip and asked Shirley and I to tag along….

Today’s adventure took us to Sarchi, to the Else Kientzler Jardin Botanico. WOW! WOW!

You get to wander through these gorgeous gardens at your own pace. There are places to sit if you need to rest, a picnic area, waterfalls, rivers, man-made “water” paths… was so pretty!

There was an orchid section, a cactus section (it still blows my mind that cactus grow here because of the rain), a Hibiscus section, an area of Heliconias, Bromeliads…you name it, they had it!

Was a super day to do this because it wasn’t unbearably hot.

A few pictures I took today…..

This is a maize (I guess Spanish is interfering with my English!)  maze  made out of hibiscus; was really pretty.

An area of any color of impatiens you can imagine….picture does NOT do it justice.

   A pretty butterfly….

Forgot the camera so these are pics from the iphone.  Also saw one of the most gorgeous neon blue butterflies, but I can’t remember the name of it! LOL

Had lunch at a Soda in Sarchi across from the park….Rincon Sarchiceno….very good, and unbelievably cheap!

Stopped at a place in Grecia that had some Mexican pottery; gorgeous pots, but the car was full of plants!

It was a great day – another place found to take visitors.

Pura Vida….


3 Responses to "Another great adventure today with friends in Costa Rica"

How come you never want to eat at sodas with me?
And remember your rule, if you don’t recall the spanish, just add “o”.
Butterflyo (was it a Morpho?)

Because you never go anywhere with me! And yes, I think it was a Morpho – unbelievably brilliant!

Can we go there in June? It sounds so beautiful!! The blue butterflies are “blue morphos”. They are so amazing! Costa Rica is just so beautiful.

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