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Exciting nights in Costa Rica

Posted on: September 30, 2012

Pat gave me some ear plugs to ward off the bathing birds in the gutters. Apparently they work – haven’t heard them for 2 nights! Thanks, Pat.

Last night I fell asleep before putting them in…thus starts the story.

Somewhere in the night, near O-dark thirty, I heard a critter on the roof.  Dogs weren’t aroused, and I was too sleepy to get up and see if I could tell what it was.

Then I heard “it” fall off the roof and scamper away….running into a metal drying rack outside.  Still wasn’t curious enough to get up and see if I could tell what it was. Then it must have gotten over the fence because as it scurried away I heard the gentle rustling of the bells on the gate.

Woke up pretty early this morning 5:45 a.m.; still didn’t think anything about it.

Then when I went to the kitchen to make a pot of coffee, I looked out the window and the damn critter fell through the awning on the outdoor swing – yep a nice big hole in it!

Next decision, do I have someone make a new one or do I attempt to do it.  If I attempt to do it, it’s last in line behind all my other projects.

It’s just so darn exciting here in Costa Rica.  I wish everyone could experience living here, even if it’s just for a short time.

Pura Vida!


P.S. In my mind I’m thinking it was a Coati.


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I absolutely love these stories. They are even more fun having been there and being able to picture it all. I can’t WAIT to get back there this summer!

Nancy, better a coati the a boa good day

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