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Another first for me last night

Posted on: September 25, 2012

Last evening while walking the dogs down the street behind our house, I saw a Bufo toad on the road.  This is the first one I’ve seen on the road.  Since I’m not coordinated enough to be able to walk all three at once, I took each of them individually.

Not one dog even noticed the Bufo .  After the last dog was walked, the Bufo had not moved.  I knew where the “Bufo Stabber” was and quickly got it and headed back to the spot where Mr. Bufo was sitting.  I just walked by him, then circled around behind him, hey, I don’t watch NCIS, and CSI for nothing!

Having watched Mark do it many times, I knew to stab and twist it….they have extremely tough skin.  Once I was confident the knife was all the way through him, I lifted him in the air and carefully walked to the drainage ditch that is in the road….heaven forbid there be any covering on that draining ditch.  Made quite a splatting noise when he went down the drain! LOL

I normally wouldn’t go along with killing them except for the fact, they kill dogs!  No one, not anyone, nada, messes with my dogs!

However, Derby, is close to losing his vocal cords!  I swear that dog can bark at wind blowing and once he starts, he just can’t control it!

That’s how the evening started….

Then about midnight, the damn birds starting flapping in the gutter….how they can make so much noise is beyond me!

I think tonight will be a melatonin night for me…

Pura Vida!


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Attagirl! Proud of you. I’ll make you your own stabber if you want.

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