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Wedding gift shopping in Costa Rica

Posted on: September 21, 2012

Three weddings in 6 weeks have put me in “shopping mode”.  One wedding has already happened in the old country; gift bought and will be presented when I’m there in October; second wedding is right here in Atenas – which has prompted this blog.  The third wedding I’ll be attending in October in the old country.

In the old country many stores offer free gift wrap and you walk out of the store with a gorgeous looking package.

Since I needed to be at CIMA on Thursday, and it’s really close to Multi-Plaza, I knew that would be where I would shop. I had been advised the intended couple had registered at Cemaco (a fav store of mine!) and at Aliss (another fav store of mine).

Was able to convey I needed a gift registry by showing the wedding invite.  Keep in mind the gift registry is in Spanish, I had been forewarned so I wasn’t too shocked!

The clerk waiting on me knew very little English and I know just a little of Spanish.  I would point out something on the list and we would go to part of the store of that particular item; I can’t just settle for the first thing I’m shown and picked out various other things so see what they had registered for….and, we zigged and zagged all over the store!  She didn’t know where some of the items were either and had to go to a computer to see where the items were shelved.

Made a decision….and as the clerk is taking me to the check-out, she asks me if I want it wrapped with tissue paper; so since I had to give up all my stash of wrapping paper when we made the journey here, I said “sure”.  Well, the tissue paper is actually newsprint; here are 2 pictures of the gift!

These were just wrapped in newsprint, then a wrapping paper over it….no box!  I chuckled to myself as I walked out of the store.


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