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Another whirlwind week in Costa Rica

Posted on: September 8, 2012

The week has flown by….played cards with friends and ate pizza cooked in their outdoor oven on Tuesday; getting ready to go to the dentist on Weds. morning and we experienced the first earthquake, 7.6, since we’ve been here!  Sort of a rock ‘n roll day!!!  It was an awe-minding experience!

Thursday found us on the way to San Jose for a mammogram and ultrasound.  Look what you get! A wonderful tote bag to carry your “films” in!  Yep, people, here in Costa Rica, you actually take the films with you! LOL


Normally, we get a good morning email from Amy and this morning we didn’t.  Checked and she hadn’t been on Facebook either.  Red flag and Mother’s intuition start imploding in my head.  Todd was gone all week covering the convention in Charlotte.  Kept checking my email/facebook and there was still nothing.  Had decided when we arrived home, if we still hadn’t heard anything from her, we were calling.

Really concerned when we had an email from Todd asking if we had heard from her…he had texted her a couple of times with no reply.  So we tried calling their house….no answer….by now Mother’s panic has set in!  Mark called Todd and he still hadn’t heard from her.

Finally we heard that Amy had called Todd.  She had taken a really bad fall in the morning; crawled to the bed but didn’t have the energy to get into it.  She sat on the floor leaning up against the bed all day.  Finally she was aware the phone was ringing, and was able to pull it to the floor.

She was able to call 911 and off she went to the hospital!  She’s still there!  Todd arrived home mid-day on Friday.  Todd is hoping to catch a Dr. or two today to talk to them.

These are the bruises on her legs!  Her right forearm is badly bruised and swelled; x-rays showed no break; thank heavens for that.  We talked to her last night….she sounds great and has no idea how she fell!  We all think there’s more rehab in her future!

She’s complaining about the nurses waking her up at O-dark thirty to take vitals; and her back is killing her; a lot from the fall, I would surmise and lying in a hospital bed.  I would say she’s on the road to recovery.

She had nothing to eat all day Thursday while leaning up against the bed!  And what was she worried about….she hadn’t fed her dogs! Isn’t she a good dog Mom?!

One of their dogs is a Pet Therapy dog and she asked a nurse if that dog could visit her! The nurse said sure!  I’m know that will make her feel even better!

Off to take Sofi for her day of beauty since yesterday’s day of beauty for her was cancelled.

Spanish class on Sunday morning….haven’t even looked at it!  Too many other precedents this week!  Hopefully, next week will be back on a even “retirement” keel!

Pura Vida!



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