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First Earthquake we’ve felt since living in Costa Rica

Posted on: September 5, 2012

This morning I had a dental appointment in Atenas.  As I was getting dressed, I heard a sound that sounded like the dog crates were rattling….then I looked at the ceiling and thought “oh, crap, Enrique (the iguana that lives in our roof), has a “live-in”…..then Sofi came running to me to be picked up….then I realized, the house was swaying and rolling.  Ran to the rancho and the pool water was “rolling” too.

Mark was down on all 4’s pulling some weeds….. he stood up and said “whoa!”  He just kept repeating “whoa, whoa, whoa!”

Neither of us were in a panic, why panic, because it is, what it is!

Kept telling Mark, “this is a biggie”, “this is a real biggie”…….I was not frightened, but in awe that the ground would move like that.  This is the first one we’ve felt since we’ve been living in Costa Rica.   Our friends that live in town have felt other small ones and we’ve just shrugged our shoulders and figured our little side of the mountain must be fairly stable!

I left to go into town to the dentist, hoping there were no aftershocks as I was driving in….don’t know if you feel it when in a moving car, but I suspect as much as the ground was moving this morning,  you would feel it.

As I was driving past Maricela’s mother’s house, I hear “Nancy”!  So I stopped and backed up.  Maricela needed a ride into town to pick up her girls from school. Centro Atenas school was sending everyone home.  Glad I could help get her to the girls!

As I was dropping her off at the school, the thought struck me, what if there’s an aftershock when the dentist is working on me! YIKES!!!

Apparently there have been several aftershocks, however, we’ve not felt any.

We do have friends that have had things broken from falling.  Our bathroom mirror was a little crooked and so far, that’s all we’ve seen “moved”.  The burlap coffee bag I had framed with a double wooden frame and glass front, didn’t budge!

Stopped at Wednesday’s Women Lunch at Kay’s on the way home; and of course, everyone is talking about the swaying! Some people lost 3 inches of water in their pool, some lost all the water!  I guess an earthquake is like a tornado in the fact that it hits different places with different intensities.

Feel bad for those that lost some things, but as one friend put it, “it’s just stuff”.

It’s a little after 3 p.m. and Mark has gone to pay the water bill.  You must go to the church salon in Guacimo (500 hundred meters east of us) and pay the bill in person! LOL  Yep, all $4-$6 of it! LOL

As I’ve said many times before, just another adventurous day in Costa Rica!

Pura Vida!


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