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OB/GYN visit in Costa Rica

Posted on: August 29, 2012

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I cannot believe I’m writing about this.  Let me clarify that this was NOT an OB visit, for those wondering minds!

Dra. Candy referred me to her Dra. at CIMA in Escazu, suburban San Jose.

I was having trouble getting through on the phone to make the appointment so Dra. Candy called on Monday and lo and behold, they had had a cancellation today.  I was the lucky “fill-in”.

Found the physician’s building fairly easily and Dra. Cam Lin’s office.

So different than in the U.S.  My appointment was at 11:00 a.m. and I was in and out in 25 mins.  The Dra. actually took the medical history.  What a kind lady!!!  Puts you at ease immediately. Anyone in Costa Rica that’s looking for a great Dra., she is the one!

The gown I was given to put on was quite fashionable – nothing like the crappy  rough cotton ones in the U.S. with half the ties missing.  This was a very soft cotton – polo-type gown.  (I told her the gowns in Costa Rica were so much better than in the U.S.)

Went to the front desk to check out and pay. Here is where it’s different….I actually had to take the vial from the PAP Smear to the hospital in the next building for “processing”.  They wanted to know if I wanted to wait for the results!!!  I didn’t! LOL Dra. Cam Lin said she would let me know within the next 15 days the results!

What a great experience for one of the most dreaded appointments for women.

I am so impressed with the medical care in Costa Rica!

Pura Vida……



P.S. Dra. = female Dr. in Costa Rica


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